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Sin-free shenanigans: 5 of London’s best alternative events

Sin-free shenanigans: 5 of London’s best alternative events Image: Morning Gloryville

Londoners enjoy no shortage of weird and wonderful things to do year-round, but for those looking for something a little different, conscious clubbing and alcohol-free events are cropping up across the capital. Whether you’re a dedicated urban shaman or just looking for something outside the box, we’ve handpicked five of the city’s most eclectic and uplifting alternative happenings.


1. Meditation and conscious cabaret with Will Williams at The Gathering

will Sin-free shenanigans: 5 of London's best alternative events

Image: Will Williams

Marking the movement towards free-thinking and clean living, The Gathering is an all-new series of wholly holistic events. On September 8th Cecil Sharp House will host a specially curated evening of alcohol-free activities that include guest speakers, music, wellness, meditation and food, as well as thought-provoking short film screenings.

Will Williams is the founder of Will Williams Meditation. Having previously worked in the music industry he thought it only fitting to combine his two great passions: music and meditation. He’ll be joined by wellness experts Hemsley and Hemsley; as well as breakthrough singer-songwriter Lucy Rose. This one’s sure to be a truly uplifting and inspiring evening – and we guarantee it’ll be hangover-free!

For tickets and info visit


2. Rave your way into the day at Morning Gloryville

Morning-Gloryville-c Sin-free shenanigans: 5 of London's best alternative events

Image: C. Emma Myrtle

Spending hours dancing at a rave isn’t usually the best recipe for turning up at work rejuvenated, refreshed and inspired. But it can be!

Morning Gloryville began in London in 2013 and has since become renowned for introducing sober morning partying to the world. From 6.30am-10.30am revellers are invited to lose themselves in uplifting music, mesmerising visuals, yoga and free massage. Organic coffee and smoothie bars provide nourishment, while trained and costumed performers provide personal motivation. The institution has seen everyone from Fatboy Slim to Basement Jaxx jump on the conscious clubbing bandwagon.

The next Morning Gloyville will take place September 14th at Oval Space, Bethnal Green.

Visit for more info.


3. Artistry and activism at Passing Clouds

passingclouds Sin-free shenanigans: 5 of London's best alternative events

Image: Passing Clouds

With an ethos centred around creativity, community and consciousness, this Hackney-based haunt is far more than just a rad music venue. Run by a collective of passionate local artists, activists and musicians, Passing Clouds is an East London hub for cultural and community events that include the Permaculture Picturehouse, East in East, Palestine Solidarity film screenings, healing sessions, self-development workshops, music lessons, and swing dance classes – to name but a few!

Since its advent almost a decade ago, the space has worked tirelessly to support local producers, ethical businesses and organisations that promote positive social change. The venue is 100% vegetarian and as vegan as possible, with no meat ever entering the building. Even the drinks are ethically sourced and fair trade with an emphasis on reuse and recycling.

Check out to find out how you can partake in guilt-free goings on.


4. Connect to yourself with cacao

Cacao-pod- Sin-free shenanigans: 5 of London's best alternative events

It’s safe to assume that most of us are pretty grateful for the existence of chocolate, but cacao can also be used for a far more sin-free purpose. Cultivated by shamans across the globe for thousands of years, the plant can be consumed within a ceremonial setting to balance and align the spirit during turbulent times.

Since finding a footing in the West, cacao ceremonies are said to provide much-needed space to switch off and find tranquillity – something we all know can be challenging when living in an urban metropolis.

Whether you’re looking to shift an emotional blockage, let go of past trauma or simply dissolve negative energy there’s a variety of ceremonies for Londoners to choose from, such as this upcoming September Cacao Sharemony from Rebekah Shaman; or this Tantric Cacao Ceremony in March.


5. Clean living cocktails and sin-free snacks at Redemption

redemption Sin-free shenanigans: 5 of London's best alternative events

Image: Redemption Bar

Redemption Bar was started by two female entrepreneurs who decided socialising didn’t need to come at the expense of your health. The alcohol-free bar now has bustling locations in Notting Hill and Shoreditch, where it provides imbibers with eclectic vegan and plant-based choices.

Serving up inspired drinks such as coconut water and berry-infused ‘martinis’, the health-food hotspot also dishes up raw snacks and salads as well as ‘good for you’ desserts. Their lime and coconut cheesecake, for example, is made from cashew nut cream mixed with fresh limes and coconut on a sprouted buckwheat base. Clean eating has never sounded so tempting.

For sample menus and locations visit




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