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Pop Goes The Cherry: Pacha London to close it’s doors

Pop Goes The Cherry: Pacha London to close it’s doors

Club goers and fans of the cherry-poppingly iconic Pacha brand have been left shell-shocked by the news that the well-established London spin-off of the Ibiza super club, will at the end of September close its doors to the capital’s clubbers.

With over 40 years experience in the club industry, the team behind Pacha’s globally successful chain of night clubs are usually right on the money when it comes to hiring the hottest DJs and finding the best locations to launch their exclusive club nights.

So why has it all gone Pete Tong for Pacha London?

The press team for the club released a YouTube video last month to kiss goodbye to the club which simply stated rather ambiguously (and not really answering any questions):

“The wild child offspring that has hosted some of the most sought after DJ’s from around the globe will close its hallowed doors in the last week of September.”


There is much speculation surrounding the closure of the club, which has been bringing Balearic beats to the London streets from its 1000 capacity stronghold in London’s Victoria district for the past 13 years. Are Londoners tired of the Pacha brand? Could it be that the club has gone the same way as its rival brand Gatecrasher, whose final curtain came down amidst a cloud of debt just weeks ago? Or is there more to the story?

“I wouldn’t say that the London party scene is changing, it’s just very eclectic, no two bars are the same” explained regular London club goer and hair stylist to the Kensington elite, Zoey Olechnowicz. In a city as large as London, it is inevitable that certain pockets of different ‘scenes’ are going to co-exist. Affluent areas like Mayfair and Chelsea breed a certain ‘champagne culture,’ where you’re more likely to spend your night endlessly Instagramming pictures of your Mahiki Treasure Chest than actually enjoying yourself.

On the other hand you have up-and-coming pockets of cool like Dalston and Clapton, which house manifold hipster lounges and underground rave venues where the emphasis is generally solely on the quality of the music.

In an age where everyone has become obsessed by all that is ‘vintage’ and ‘independent’, could it be that the London crowd has simply snubbed the need of a colourfully branded, in-your-face nightclub? And that the subsequent demise of Pacha London could simply be a form of backwards brand snobbery?

The Pacha empire still holds the keys to numerous, hugely successful night club venues across the globe, as well as the El Hotel Pacha in Ibiza, the brand’s first foray into the hotel industry. Despite the Pacha London PR team’s efforts to quell suspicions, rumours have leaked that plans are already in the pipeline for the UK site to follow suit, and become the brands second boutique hotel, but as of yet, cards are being kept close to chests from the brands official spokespeople.

Despite speculations and invariably vague press statements, it remains difficult to pinpoint precisely why Pacha’s success has not been mirrored in London, when elsewhere in the world, the brand can do no wrong.

Who really knows what may be next for the former club hot spot, but one this is for sure, the cherry is set to go out with a bang rather than a pop, with promotions on the Pacha London for the club’s closing parties promising revellers that:

“For the last time you can expect a night of our usual decadence and excess.”

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