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Hold that taxi: the world’s best hotels with nightclubs

Hold that taxi: the world’s best hotels with nightclubs

Too drunk to fumble for an Uber? To obliterated to wobble in the rain desperately hollering for a black cab? Try combining your party destination with the same location where you can rest your booze-sodden bones. Part of a growing trend in the industry, hospitality moguls are building hot-to-trot nightclubs inside their hotels. With some exquisite examples starting to pop-up on our own doorsteps, here are some of The Metropolist’s favourite party-then-flop spots.

Signature_Shot_Private_Playroom_Lores-640x360 Hold that taxi: the world's best hotels with nightclubs

Playground – Hilton Hotel – Liverpool

The appropriately named ‘Playground’ club on the ground floor of Liverpool’s prestigious Hilton Hotel is a veritable fun house for the Scouse bourgeoisie. Combining the infectious energy of house beats with opulent décor beyond measure, get your rollers at the ready ladies; and gents, polish those shoes! If you don’t dress to impress here, you probably won’t get through the door. With an air of trendy luxe and exclusivity comparable to that of a Las Vegas penthouse, Playground is the place to see and be seen in Liverpool.

StndNY_LeBain_rooftop5ToddEberle-640x360 Hold that taxi: the world's best hotels with nightclubs

Le Bain – The Standard, High Line – New York

The literal crowning jewel of the 18-storey Standard High Line Hotel is its penthouse disco and rooftop bar, Le Bain. Offering its punters the choice between quintessential nightclub in the dimly lit, state-of-the-art disco room, or the opportunity to dance under the stars on a grass covered rooftop, complete with plunge pool, Le Bain is a hipster haven in the heart of New York’s trendy meatpacking district. Regularly hosting world-class DJ sets, you could be forgiven for thinking you were at Glastonbury, not in central Manhattan.

140724_Ushuaia_We_Party_Press_008-640x360 Hold that taxi: the world's best hotels with nightclubs

The Ushuaia Club – Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel – Ibiza

One of Ibiza’s newest concept hotels took the White Isle by storm following its grand opening last summer, and looks set to continue this trend into the foreseeable future. Channelling the islands hippy roots and insatiable appetite for a party, the extravagant Ushuaia complex is centred around what is effectively, a festival-sized nightclub. Famous for its daylight pool parties and mega-star resident DJs, revellers flock in their thousands to Ushuaia to enjoy the electric atmosphere, accentuated by phenomenal acrobatic displays, fireworks and dancers.

Ace_Hotel_London_Shoreditch_Miranda_Andrew_Meredith_6.27.14_01-640x360 Hold that taxi: the world's best hotels with nightclubs

Miranda – Ace Hotel – London

The Ace Hotel brand may have its roots planted in American soil, but it has blended perfectly into the heart of London’s Shoreditch. An eclectic mix of creative phosphorescence and minimalist cool, the Miranda club nestled in the hotels basement puts a real emphasis on its late night-line ups of live music and DJs. Defined by vintage rock ‘n’ roll, Miranda is a transportative venue, all dim lights and low slung furnishings, a real indie hideaway where you can easily settle in for the night.

Cavalli-Club-Dubai-640x360 Hold that taxi: the world's best hotels with nightclubs

Cavalli Club Dubai – Fairmont Hotel – UAE

Dubai are not known to do things by halves, so naturally when it comes to creating nightclubs, they demand the biggest and the best. Designed by none other than shoe god Roberto Cavalli himself, the Cavalli Club in Dubai’s luxurious Fairmont Hotel provides its patrons with a unique clubbing experience. First, indulge in some fine-dining, Italian style on the top floor, before making your way to the Swarovski crystal adorned lounge bar for some expertly mixed cocktails, and then onto the opulent, black quartz dance floor to work the whole meal off! Genius!


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