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REVIEW: Blues Kitchen heads south to Brixton

REVIEW: Blues Kitchen heads south to Brixton
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  • 40 Acre Ln, Brixton, London SW2 5SP, UK

As if you really need some kind of risk assessment on whether you’re going to have a good time at Blues Kitchen. Of course it’s going to knock your socks off — Londoner’s have been revelling at the Shoreditch and Camden venues for some time already. So with the tastes and sounds of the Deep South now open in London’s own Southern hotspot- Brixton- get set to be bowled over as this restaurant and late night bar hosts the best blues in London, alongside some great American drinks and Texan BBQ food.

Resonating with their other sites in Shoreditch and Camden, BKB features live entertainment seven nights a week, with the house band and guest bands doing the rotations between the venues.

And what’s a blues kitchen without tasty, scorch marked BBQ food? The Blues Kitchen team have thought this one through and after travelling extensively throughout Texas, Tennessee and Louisiana, they’ve brought back some solid advice and BBQ taste buds, transpiring them into a mouth-watering menu. Highlights include the crispy fried chicken, the buffalo bill burger (which stays memorably tender and spicy); and the Texan beef brisket and St Louis pork rib barbecue options — slow smoked in-house, you’ll be salivating in your sleep over these ones.

If you’re just there for a drink and some tunes, you don’t have to worry about subsisting only on generic peanuts or lining your stomach with salty pretzels. The Cajun blackened shrimp, crab donuts and Buffalo wings will all keep you happy. Our favourite has to be the tortilla chips— dunk them into a melting pot of parmesan cheese with artichoke and spinach and crunch away. It’s so next-level amazing that it might give hummus an inferiority complex.

You can tell their desserts aren’t lazy exercises, too. Names like Alabama Mess, Deep-Fried Oreo cookie donuts, and “hardshake” Banana Foster, are calorie-rich combinations in their own obvious selling points.

BKB-1-300x168 REVIEW: Blues Kitchen heads south to BrixtonThey’ve found a way to curb our hunger, so it’s no doubt they won’t neglect our thirst either. As with the food menu, you don’t need to overwork your IQ to enjoy it —the cocktail list is simple, beer options are aplenty, and whiskey and rye fans will have their work cut out for them —blitz the large list here and you’re an expert.

The Brixton venue is sure to be a hit, as with their other sites. Staff members are approachable and switched on, you can book tables, and who is going to say no to a cool place with table service, meaning you don’t have to change venues just to get good food once you’ve barraged that drinks menu?

In fact, we might not tell you about BKB. We want them all to ourselves.

Blues Kitchen Brixton

020 7274 0591

40 Acre Ln, Brixton, London SW2 5SP, UK


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