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REVIEW: Hanbury Manor Hotel and Country Club

REVIEW: Hanbury Manor Hotel and Country Club

For us Londoners, sometimes we need a short weekend break away from the city. Somewhere we can unwind, recharge our batteries, get some peace and quiet, and some fresh clean air. Hanbury Manor Hotel and Country Club, located in Ware, Hertfordshire, offers that kind of much needed respite.

Driving through the entrance and following the tree-lined winding path brings that feeling of butterflies in the stomach; you’ll know for sure those butterflies have truly awakened from their slumber when you arrive at the foot of the breathtaking Jacobean building that is your home for the weekend.

stngs_phototour20-610x360 REVIEW: Hanbury Manor Hotel and Country Club

Entering the room to be greeted by immaculate cleanliness, top-class furnishings, period features and a tantalising king sized bed is worth the trip up alone. For those that are harder to please, the bucolic views of the 200 acres of Hertfordshire landscape will surely do the job.

Hanbury Manor boasts one of England’s best 18-hole PGA Championship golf courses, so groups from all over the country travel in to conquer the green. In the evening, the groups can be found in the gentleman’s club-styled Vardon’s, enjoying a drink and sharing their stories about the day’s unfoldings.

stngs_phototour87-610x360 REVIEW: Hanbury Manor Hotel and Country Club

For those who aren’t there for the golf, the grounds offer plenty to discover on foot – perfect for romantic walks or a stroll with the family. The Walled Garden is a beautiful sight, with its picturesque flora and wild rabbits roaming freely. To the south there’s the secret well, which possesses an enchanting, almost ethereal quality, while to the north there’s the rose garden, which is the ideal setting for a memorable picnic.

Oakes Grill is the place to be when the stars are out as it has a roof terrace upon which you can while away the evening with some al fresco fine dining in a setting that’s not formal or pretentious. As the name would suggest, try the steaks here; the rib eye comes from Hereford, while the sirloin has been sourced from Lancashire. Both are succulent, juicy, tender and so full of flavour. Pair this with a fine Bordeaux red and you’ll be set for a blissful night’s sleep.

For anyone living in a major city, a place like Hanbury Manor provides that haven of serenity that lacks in our day-to-day life. Treat yourself to a weekend here, especially while the summer’s in full swing, and you’ll return home feeling human again.


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