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REVIEW: Le Restaurant de Paul

REVIEW: Le Restaurant de Paul
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Here’s an excellent way to jumpstart your mornings, power through those lunchtime meetings and round off with a sophisticated supper and cocktail: head to Le Restaurant de Paul at Tower 42. The iconic skyscraper that sits comfortably in between Liverpool Street and Bank stations looms over the concrete playground, casting shadows and oozing city-slicker attitude. Once you pass through the revolving glass doors however, your attention from the grey cityscape is vividly intercepted by the burst of colour and energy that is Le Restaurant de Paul.

Located at the base of Tower 42, Le Restaurant de Paul is a sleek all-day restaurant that has taken its time-honoured traditions and given it a hit of that city attitude. Contemporary in style, the décor is punctuated with plush ruby red and royal blue armchairs, industrial lighting and modern mirror panelling, with subtle references to Paul’s 125-year history with retro tables, 1950s style benches and framed family portraits on the walls. The space is huge too —with just under 100 seats inside and outdoor seating for up to 40 covers, they’re making it very inviting to loiter a little longer after you’ve grabbed that morning pastry.

And we all know you have to get a pastry here: the in-house boulangerie offers a selection of delicious patisserie and artisan breads, alongside sandwiches to-go for rushing commuters. Open for breakfast at 6.30am, you can get your oeufs cooked Florentine style and a banana smoothie if you fancy — but come on? With five generations of Paul bakers behind them, a viennoiserie is not only necessary; it’s a no-brainer.

Lunch and dinner time can become quite the leisurely experience here and one must also bring a supersized appetite, because as with the boulangerie, the extensive menu is designed to ruin strict diets and make you want to order enthusiastically. Unwaveringly authentic, the French classics such as Coq au Vin and Beef Bourguignon make appearances, and the Entrecôte à la Bordelaise (fillet steak with Provencal tomato, fries and Bordelaise sauce) will keep any carnivorous punter happy indeed. And lest we forget about the gourmet burgers —word has it the Queen’s butcher Donald Russell is the supplier.

Burger006-300x225 REVIEW: Le Restaurant de Paul

For a lighter option, the Salade Niçoise is refreshingly appealing; and to really max out enjoyment levels, make sure you get a basket of bread to mop up the juice from your pan-fried Brixham scallops — delicately moist and ever-so flavoursome, they really are the sole point of ever ordering a starter.

And what’s a French meal, without a glass of vino to match? Treat yourself to a Beaujolais or Sauvignon Blanc to complete the meal. Wait, complete? Not without dessert. We told you to bring your appetite. The bottomless Mousse au Chocolat is calling your name, or perhaps the Profiteroles are? Paul’s menu is so deliciously extensive that you want to fold it, like the tube map, and plot the different things you can try over multiple visits.

Mousse-Choc003-300x225 REVIEW: Le Restaurant de Paul

You may need a whole week to recover from your overzealous attempt to conquer your meal, but there’s no downside to that. After all, you didn’t get the chance to try the French 75 cocktail, and after work drinks are obligatory, right?

Le Restaurant de Paul is a place that definitely encourages — and deserves — numerous visits.

Le Restaurant de PAUL Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, Ground Floor Tower 42, EC2N 1HQ

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