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REVIEW: Pasta Remoli

REVIEW: Pasta Remoli

Cleverly basing themselves in between the art students and new residents that will soon all be moving into the soon-to-be-complete student accommodation and the new flats that will be built on the Wells Terrace exit of Finsbury Park station, Pasta Remoli has achieved a masterstroke – not to the mention the fact that they’re situated next door to Park Theatre as well.

After the roaring success of the first opening in Stratford, Simone Remoli has now branched out into north London, capitalising on the gentrification of Finsbury Park. And if Pasta Remoli could be summed up in one word, it’s fresh. Everything here is made on site, on the day: pasta, pastries, bread.

Start with the bruschetta, veering away completely from the conventional, topped with pickled vegetables (done in-house) and  cheese. The deep fried mozzarella is also a must – simply wonderful, to sum it up in two words.

The ravioli with truffles and a mushroom sauce is amazing, so tasty it’ll make you want to return as soon as you can. The pasta in arabiatta sauce with Italian sausage is also excellent and surprisingly light for such a dish – credit to the chefs here.

When it comes to dessert you could go for the traditional tiramisu, but what these guys do best is – as we’ve said – veering away from the conventional, so with this in mind go for the marzipan and pear. It works beautifully.

Pasta Remoli is onto a very special thing – watch this space.


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