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The hottest summer since 2006, that’s what they’re saying on the news. And with hot summers comes outdoor markets, and when it comes to outdoor markets in London, Borough Market is one of the most visited. When it comes to lunch options at London’s most popular food market you’re spoilt for choice. But, sometimes it just gets a little…well, a little too much. Overwhelming with all the tourists and hungry Londoners. Which is why it’s convenient that Pulia has just opened on Stoney Street round the back of the market.

Perfect for escaping the human traffic, the newly-opened Italian cafe serves top-quality Apulian-style cuisine in a rustic-looking and serene environment. The staff are enthusiastic about what they serve and the passion is evident in the quality of taste.

The traditional tricolore salad is just a must; fresh tomatoes, aromatic basil leaves and an enormous buffalo mozzarella ball filled with cream cheese that’s absolutely divine – perfect for two.

Pulia is proud of its Neapolitan pizzas and savoury bites, alternative to the stereotypical Italian dishes. The Arancini di Riso (deep fried rice balls) is delicious, while the Focaccia Barese with olives is a fanatastic accompaniment with a drizzle of olive oil. The Pizza Rustica has already been established as a firm favourite, proving popular with the working locals in the area, while the Panzerotto Grande is the one the manager is proudest of as it “tastes like home”.

Simple yet authentic, Pulia’s first opening in London (they’re already established in Milan, Florence, Turin and New York) is certainly one to visit next time you’re in Borough Market, even if it’s just for a traditional Italian coffee.

Pulia-Interior-1-640x360 REVIEW: Pulia


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