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Tonkotsu Heads to Notting Hill

Tonkotsu Heads to Notting Hill IMAGE: PR

We at The Metropolist can’t get enough of Tonkotsu. We’re addicted to their powerful but comforting broth, their bouncy, hand-made noodles, and boiled eggs the colour of a setting sun. Oh, and who could forget that chilli oil. There’s just one problem though: there’s just not enough places to get our noodle fix. But that’s soon to change as Tonkotsu makes the long march west, hitting the streets of Notting Hill this February.

Tonkotsu at Notting Hill are giving us five ramens to choose from: in addition to their classic tonkotsu broth, there’s fiery Chilli Chicken, Tokyo,  the vege Shimeji & Shiitake, and Tsukemen — with thick and elastic cold noodles that are served with an intensely flavoured dipping broth. For something on the side there’s three different types of Gyoza, Chicken Karaage (crispy enough to satisfy any southern-fried chicken cravings), Madagascan King Prawn Katsu, and Miso Cured Salmon.

To wash all this down, Tonkotsu offer a tempting array of drinks. In addition to a short but sweet wine list, they’ve got a nifty range of local and Japanese craft beers, as well as sake, and some surprising twists on classic cocktails. And whisky lovers will rejoice with the some serious Japanese whiskies bottled up behind the bar.

What’s more, they’re having a soft launch this Friday 5th & Saturday 6th February, with 50% off all their food, so there’s no reason not to go.

Tonkotsu Notting Hill7 Blenheim Crescent, London W11 2EE

T: 020 7221 8300


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