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Beer Tasting with Portobello Brewing Company

Beer Tasting with Portobello Brewing Company IMAGE: PR

Fed up with drinking tasteless, flat pints? So are we, but we think it’s about time we put a stop to this and not just grin and beer it. Consequently, we’re making our way to K West Hotel & Spa for a special tasting with the Portobello Brewing Company on Wednesday 27 April from 6-8pm so as to not miss out on some of London’s finest beers.

The Beer Tasting pop-up with Portobello Brewing Co. will take place in the Studio Bar and beer sipping patrons will be able to taste the locally brewed ‘proper’ beers that we love and adore. None of this warm, froth-free stuff — no, no. Founded in 2012, by beer industry veteran, Rob Jenkins, and head brewer, Farooq Khalid, the Portobello Brewing Company provides bottled beverages that incorporate great ingredients and are diverse and vibrant.

One of our favourites has to be The Market Porter: a blend of six malts, five hops and roasted barley is rich and velvety —some would say a Lindt bar with a warming alcohol finish. In a pint glass.

The rest of their core range will be on offer —London Pilsner, Star, and VPA — as well as the “Occasionals”. No spoiler alerts here: just head out west yourself and check it out. It’s free entry and it’s Wednesday night —surely an excuse to celebrate edging closer to the weekend, right?

Studio Bar in K West Hotel & Spa will be holding regular free tasting events (#studiobarevents) to exhibit local, independent businesses finest offerings.

Richmond Way, London W14 0AX


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