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Björk VR at Somerset House

Björk VR at Somerset House

Are you ready for something new? Björk Digital is premiering this week at the Somerset House. Once again, Björk is pushing forward at the barriers of art and tinkering with the status quo. This time, she has created a multimedia exhibition and virtual reality project so we can really ‘experience’ her peculiar world. For those lucky enough to get tickets, she is also taking up residence at the Royal Albert Hall and Evenitim Apollo for some corresponding performances.


“I am so excited to invite you all to the exhibition”- said Björk -“ where we are showing the virtual reality videos”.  A mix of music, art and technology in a video format is going on show. The exhibition includes Black Lake, a film commissioned by New York’s Museum of Modern Art and filmed in the highlands of Iceland. Another extraordinary work is Mouthmantra VR, which shows intense footage of a woman’s mouth while she sings. As the viewer disconnects with the real world, this video gives the impression that her tongue and teeth are taking on a life of their own.


There will also be stand-alone, interactive educational spaces and a programme of the artist’s extensive video work. So strap on a pair of goggles for what will probably be the most intimate Björk show anyone will ever experience and undoubtedly, something you have never seen before.

Bjork Digital

1st September- 23 October 2016

Find out more on the website



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