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Cabana Brasilia lands in Brixton

Cabana Brasilia lands in Brixton
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Here’s a nice way to prepare for the impending winter: head to the latest Brasilian barbecue venue, Cabana Brasilia which has just landed in Brixton, in the historic Bon Marche building on Ferndale Road. The vibrant restaurant has room for over 100 upstairs, with a further 40 plus in the basement “Caipirinha Bar”, and yields the same uplifting atmosphere of other Cabana venues, reflective of the unmistakably Brasilian attitude of “tudo bem”, meaning “everything’s good”.

Cabana’s menu is custom-built around the Brasilian barbecue and street food. Start things off with some fiery starters: the bucket of spicy chicken wings or the ‘guaca-molho’ with limitless corn chips, are our pick of the lot — both levels and levels above a basket of bread.

CB-1-300x161 Cabana Brasilia lands in Brixton

For main, it’s all about the succulent skewers that are seasoned to perfection with their fiery ‘Malagueta’ sauce and come alongside typical accompaniments such as sweet potato fries and homeslaw. Hungry? The 8oz steak packs a punch with its rich chilli and cumin flavours, and in typical Brasilian style comes paired with rio beans and French fries — you might need to loosen that belt buckle.

Lest we forget the cocktail menu —there are the customary classics, but it’s all about the caipirinha here. Take some cachaça (Brasil’s sugarcane rum), add lime and sugar and you’ve got a damn-fine Brasilian cocktail in your hands. Should you be feeling adventurous, step aside from the norm and try the chilli passion or pineapple and mint variety— both satisfyingly zesty. And for those among us that are sans-alcohol, try the ‘skittles suissa’: yes indeed, they liked skittles so much they made a drink out of it. Deliciously sweet.

CB2-300x215 Cabana Brasilia lands in Brixton

And we all know there’s a separate stomach for pudding, yes? Consider us a BIG fan of the chocolate raindrop doughnuts and their caramel frozen yoghurt. This will be Cabana Brasilia’s eighth venue in London: the blend of bold flavours, cocktails and the energy of Brasil will be a welcome addition to the thriving neighbourhood. Furthermore, the site will create 30 jobs, with a focus on hiring from the local area.

Tudo bem indeed.

CB3-300x191 Cabana Brasilia lands in Brixton

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