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Cherie Bebe Burlesque Review at Matt and Phreds

Cherie Bebe Burlesque Review at Matt and Phreds

buy soma C.O.D. There has been a resurgence of interest in burlesque shows, and they have come back with more to prove. Yes it will be sultry, but expect plenty of satirical theatre and fantastic live music thrown in. The night will be hosted by Jonathan Mayor (who has been supporting comedienne Sarah Millican) and singer Bonita Boom will be there to entice you. As per, buy two drinks and get a free pizza at Matt and Phreds between 7-8.30pm, so we’d recommend getting there early. There is sure to be some festive cheer in this Christmassy revue, and of course some tantalising bits of naughtiness. Ticket are cheaper in advance so be savvy.

Burlesque Review at Matt and Phreds, Tib Street, 13th December 7pm click for info

[IMAGE SOURCE: Sam Esty Rayner]


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