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Dirty Bones gets outright filthy with ‘Late Nights’

Dirty Bones gets outright filthy with ‘Late Nights’ IMAGE: www.facebook.com/dirtyboneslondon

Dirty Bones, even when it was box-fresh, was packed and en pointe from day dot in both of their respective locations (Soho and Kensington). Unsurprisingly, it’s since racked up some pretty decent endorsements for their shamelessly no-fuss American grub — their deep-fried mac’n’cheese balls, chicken and waffles, and pork dog scoring touchdowns in the dude-food arena ever since.

And now they’re amping up their fun-loving atmosphere levels with new ‘Late Night’ offerings, taking on more of a bar vibe, with frisky cocktails and live DJ sets. The scene is already set, with the venues decked out as basement dive’n’dog bars. The kitschy décor and retro gaming memorabilia (pinball, anyone?) will form the ideal backdrop to some old skool fun, soul and classic hip-hop tunes that will keep playing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

The Dirty Bones resident DJs will play musical mash-ups and bumpin’ beats live on the decks from 9pm until late — and to quench your dancing thirst, ensure you take obligatory breaks to the bar to try some of the tempting cocktails.

Some of the ones we’re looking forward to include the Djinn Djinn (Bombay Sapphire, Martini Rosso, fresh grapefruit, rasberries, cucumber, Ting); Mutt’s Nuts (Woodford Reserve, cinnamon and vanilla infused maple syrup, Angostura bitters, lemon and apple juice) and Top Dog (Finlandia Vodka, fresh strawberry, Chambord, lemon, Jeio Prosecco). And if you really don’t want to go home just yet, knock back a Dirty Flatliner, Bolt or Boiler Maker shooter to really gate-crash your way into an all-night party.

Dinner might be over, but just because you’ve demolished some of the dirtiest bones in town doesn’t mean you can’t hang around for some more filthy shenanigans…

Dirty Bones ‘Late Nights’ is from 9pm until late, on Thursday, Friday & Saturdays at both Soho and Kensington locations.



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