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Flappers & Fedoras mandatory: The Prohibition Party you can’t miss

Flappers & Fedoras mandatory: The Prohibition Party you can’t miss IMAGE: PR

Feeling all Great Gatsby-like and care to don a flapper dress or a fedora for the night of raucous footloose dancing and drinking? Then make sure you get a ticket to London’s notorious Prohibition Party on Saturday 2nd April, for one of the most lavish and opulent parties of the year that even Jay Gatsby would get envious of.

Presented by the ultimate party throwers Bourne & Hollingsworth, this superb soiree will be held in a secret location in East London, transporting guests back to the dizzy magic of the Roaring Twenties with beaded cocktail dresses and silk-suited gangster gents.

Prohibition-2 Flappers & Fedoras mandatory: The Prohibition Party you can't miss


Stylish revellers can kick up their heels and dance the Charleston with live music from the ‘Palace Avenue Dixieland Band’. The genuine sound of reeds, brass, banjo, drums and marching brass sousaphone will transport guests back to the Jazz Age and provide the perfect soundtrack to speakeasy frolicking. There’ll also be DJs on gramophones, dancing troupes and gambling tables to tempt guests into trying their luck.

Prohibition-3 Flappers & Fedoras mandatory: The Prohibition Party you can't miss


Flirt even further with the ban on booze and get blottoed on hooch — rather, quaff down some classic cocktails from the Golden Age and escape the prying eyes of the police about town. The illicit thrill of these cocktails will be heightened with menus hidden inside pages of books and drinks served in dainty tea-cups.

The speakeasy atmosphere, ubiquitous damasks and elegantly themed venue will make you feel like you’re on the set of a Baz Lurhman movie. Ladies, don your inner flapper look with a plush red lipstick, a feathered headband, over-the-knee stockings, a sexy pair of round-toed heels and a long string of pearls. Gentlemen, whip out the tuxedos and spats, along with your fedoras and expensive gangster-jewellery in order to charm the glamorous women.

For those inclined to hone their Charleston steps to perfection, tickets are available for a dance class from 7pm-8pm. Bourne & Hollingsworth will also be offering cocktail making masterclass and workshop before the party in which guests will learn about classic 1920s cocktails and will be given the opportunity to shake their own. Tickets are priced at £35 and cover the 1-hour dance class prior to the event, plus access to the party, tickets for the masterclass can also be purchased for an additional £15.

Tickets sold in advance by visiting the Prohibition website or calling 020 7724 1617.

Doors open 8pm – Floor Show and Gambling from 9pm

Location has been revealed! The Laundry, 4 Sidworth St, London, E8 3SD


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