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From Spain to London: Elrow presents ‘The Trip

From Spain to London: Elrow presents ‘The Trip IMAGE: www.elrow.es

Elrow: it’s colourful, outrageous, psychedelic and going to be awesome, as always. Already proven as a massive hit in Ibiza, Cape Town and Madrid, Elrow is coming to London for its next adventure.

The high-end, all-out production and awe-inspiring set designs will create a ridiculously fun and unique party. Following on from the Carnival and El Bronx, this Saturday Elrow will take you into the psychedelic world of ‘The Trip, inspired by the iconic 60s era of free-love and hedonism. Expect an unreal world of kaleidoscopic rainbows, crazy performers and plenty of mind-boggling surprises…including very special guest DJs as well as De La Swing, Andres Campos and Lukas.

We know De La Swing well: influenced by techno as well as drum & bass, his technical skills, ability to connect with the public and diverse musical style have made him one of the most versatile dj´s in Spain. Andres Campos is a force to be reckoned with as well. Andres’ best attribute is making his sets feel like your making a trip to outer space: the celestial and sound demonstration comes out every weekend where thousands of faithful clubbers dance along to his energetic and poignant rhythms.

It’s going to be carnival-style fun all night long and considering Studio 338 has one of the largest terrace arena’s in Europe, suffice to say there’ll be a ridiculous amount of good reasons to attend the party and dance the night away.

Saturday 27th February, 13:00 – 03:00

Tickets available from Resident Advisor

Studio 338, 338 Boord Street, Greenwich, London SE10 0PF


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