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Fromage and Fire at Kirkgate Market

Fromage and Fire at Kirkgate Market

Fromage and Fire is set to bring together some fantastic local collaborations of food and drink businesses in the new indoor space at Leeds Kirkgate Market. The decadent event, organised by Leeds Food and Drink Ltd, is a collaboration between popular cheese club Homage2Fromage and the extraordinary Chilli Shop. This is the first ever Fromage and Fire, and it promises something delicious, spicy and tasty for everyone!

Fromage and Fire will showcase the very best cheese available, and the most amazing chilli products in the world, with fun competitions, demos, exhibitions and tasting stations where you can sample a wide range of cheeses and chillies, sauces, chutneys and pickles of every intensity. There’s even a ‘Bush Tucker’ Competition, in which chilli meets creepy crawlies!

There will be the chance to meet local Leeds businesses who work with these amazing ingredients, as well as demos, competitions, and retail stalls. Friday sees activities for children including planting chilli plants in their own decorated pots, and demos showing how cheese is made. There is also The Great Chilli Challenge, where teams from businesses all over Leeds compete by eating progressively hotter chillies. On Saturday, we will attempt to create the unofficial world’s hottest chilli cheese, where participants will be needed to verify just how hot it is….

More information about Fromage & Fire can be found here

Leeds Kirkgate Market, 28-34 George Street, Leeds, LS2 7HY

Friday 1 & Saturday 2 July

10am – 4pm


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