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Get into the groove, with VOGA

Get into the groove, with VOGA IMAGE: PR

Fancy a bit of sunrise voga? Ah, don’t we mean yoga? Well, sort of. This is voga — a cross between yoga and voguing. If you care to shake up your regular morning workout, then you’re in luck because the members club at Urban Coterie will be hosting a special sunrise VOGA event on Monday 9th May.

But wait, before we commit to anything involving lycra, stretching and waking up for a 7.30am class on a Monday, can you please explain voguing? Voguing is the highly stylized, 1980s dance craze that evolved in the streets of Harlem and was given cult status by the likes of Madonna and the documentary Paris is Burning. It involves some pretty dramatic hand and leg movements, based on elements of classical ballet, jazz and modern dance techniques, and also from fashion editorials and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

So Voga is a fusion of Yoga and Voguing, fitness and fashion: it combines the controlled breathing aspect of yoga, with the cardio of dance, to help increase energy, flexibility and boost confidence. Not a bad way to start the working week at all.

The sunrise VOGA session will be hosted by House of Voga’s founder, Juliet and will be open to both members and non-members alike. Founded back in 2011, House of Voga is now one of the leading authorities on the VOGA movement and has certainly influenced its recent vogue status with celebrities (pun, intended).

So ladies with an attitude, fellows that are in the mood…if you like the idea of striking a pose, both the Madonna and yogi way, and still want a cardio workout, best be quick and book your ticket to the Monday morning session at Urban Coterie.

House of VOGA at The Urban Coterie Club: VOGA with Sunrise – Monday 9th May, 7:30 – 8:30am

Tickets available here.

Urban Coterie, 151-157 City Rd, London EC1V 1JH


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