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Getting Cheesy in Clapham

Getting Cheesy in Clapham The Cheese Truck's signature, oozing with Keens Cheddar and Ogleshield. ©All Things Meaty

Have you ever looked around Clapham with a faint sense of dismay, thinking well, this is good and all, but what it really needs is more cheese? If you’re anything like us, then this is an all-too familiar feeling. Well, cheese-lovers of Clapham, your time has come. The Cheese Truck has parked itself at The King & Co. pub and will be grilling away for your stringy, oozy delight for the entirety of January.


Photo-The-Cheese-Truck-fries-credit-@allthingsmeaty-e1452203982212 Getting Cheesy in Clapham

IMAGE: ©All Things Meaty

The lactic street-food stars are serving up some old favourites, such as their Keens Cheddar and Ogleshield grilled sandwich and their  famous fries drenched in Somerset fondue. There’s also a new range of sharing platters to tickle your fancy — a fiery Mexican queso or a French Aligot (which is sort of like a cross between a fondue and extremely cheesy mash) are sure to beat any winter chill.

Photo-The-Cheese-Truck-grilled-cheese-sandwiches-e1452204092312 Getting Cheesy in Clapham

IMAGE: ©All Things Meaty

And as if all this cheesy indulgence wasn’t gouda* enough and you fancy something sweet to balance things out, there’s a range of desserts including a Goat’s Cheese Panna Cotta or a Ricotta & Orange Moose.

Perhaps you’ve caught them at KERB or Maltby Street markets, or sampled their delights at one of the many festivals they’ve appeared at (Glasto, anyone?) — you’re savvy to the curds and whey and all endeavours to cheddar* few pounds go out the window when Cheese Truck is on the cards. And for the neophytes among us — let us warn you, Cheese Truck toasties are feta than anything you’ll ever taste*.

So get yourself along to The King & Co. this January and celebrate the very best of British cheese.

*Excuse all the puns. It was only necessary to appease ourselves with some terrible cheese jokes.

The King & Co. 100 Clapham Park Road, SW4 7BZ

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