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Hip-hop and overalls: Remembering ’93 with Raekwon at Koko

Hip-hop and overalls: Remembering ’93 with Raekwon at Koko IMAGE: the rest is noise

When the Wu-Tang Clan released 36 Chambers in 1993 the hip-hop world sat up and listened. Twenty-three years later we urge you to do the same as So Fresh So Clean celebrate their 3rd birthday by remembering the year that modern hip-hop was born — ’93.

Raekwon of Wu Tang is one of the best live hip-hop performers the world has ever seen and TM can confirm that he has lost none of his flair. This Easter Sunday he will perform the legendary tracks of 36 Chambers to 90s hip-hop fans at Koko, a perfect venue for the man credited with inventing Mafioso rap with its Tony Montana Mansionesque balconies and plush red and gold interior.

Along with the main event there will be hip-hop karaoke (hopefully Raekwon won’t be entering or we can all just forget it), a dance off and a hip-hop photo booth with a prize for whoever comes dressed in the the best 90’s hip-hop garms. Think chain wallets, denim overalls with one strap down, ripped jeans, combat boots; and ladies, scrunchies, please.

Raekwon will be supported Harry Love, Daniel Hills and the Menendez Brothers along with the So Fresh So Clean residents who will undoubtedly play classics from ’93 and beyond, along with a good dose of Wu-Tang. And in case you need a memory refresh, Cypress Hill, KRS One, Snoop Dogg, Souls of Mischief, Tupac, De la Soul and A Tribe Called Quest all released albums in ’93 — so there is a massive amount of scope for an incredible nostalgic journey all night long.

So Fresh So Clean 3rd birthday party will be on Sunday 27th March

KOKO, 1a Camden High Street, Camden Town, London NW1 7JE

Tickets available from Resident Advisor


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