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It’s Blitz! The Blitz Party returns to London

It’s Blitz! The Blitz Party returns to London IMAGE: Kapranos PR

It’s Blitz!

The Blitz Party is back with a bang (excuse the pun) for a very memorable 1940s party, replete with wartime revelry and vintage glamour.

On Saturday 5th March, the East London Bunker will be the perfect place to show off that Jitterbug dance we know you’ve all been practising since the last Blitz Party. Step back in time and down to the furtive den that will be transformed into the ultimate wartime air raid shelter — expect sandbags, black out curtains, military bunk beds, a swing dance hall and a live music stage to really throw you back to the 40’s.

Regular menus will be swapped for replica ration books and will outline the classic cocktails and a steady supply of retro wartime snacks available. And make sure you fuel up should you choose to take the dance class from 7-8pm — there’ll be no excuse after that to not grace the dance floor with your perfected Jitterbug. Not to mention the awesome soundtrack that will be supplied by UKs talented musicians and big band tunes.

Dress code is obligatory: think 1940s glam, home front utility clothing and allied uniform. So gents, iron those trousers and button up your uniforms, and the beards might have to go to — we’re talking army standards here if you want to go all-out authentic.

And ladies —get the curlers out, pop on the red lippie, and get a fresh pair of silk stockings to wear under your structured pencil skirt or flowing tea dress. Ooh, and don’t forget the beauty of a belted waist and chic neckerchief — Ava Gardner style.

The order for the evening is dancing and neighbourly spirit —with which, we’re more than happy to obey.

The Blitz Party is on Saturday 5th March

East London Bunker, 26 White Post Lane, London, E9 5EP



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