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Junkyard – bringing scrap and weirdness to your next round of golf

Junkyard – bringing scrap and weirdness to your next round of golf IMAGE: PR

London’s going swinging mad lately. Perhaps it’s because we can’t get out to a luscious green, 150 acre, 18-hole golf course that we feel the need to not miss out on the sun visors, chequered socks and plaid trousers —oh, and the putting.

We’re not complaining though, not at all. Especially when we’ve got the Junkyard Golf Club arriving in town on Thursday 12th May at The Old Truman Brewery. The latest pop-up attraction has been insanely popular in its native Manchester, and now Junkyard are bringing their weirdness, music, food, drink, crazy golf and much more for punters South of the border.

Not a keen golfer? Neither are we quite frankly, but Junkyard has put the fun back into “that never ending pageant” and we can’t wait. Instead of spending your hours tramping around a hilly, elaborate course outside in the horrible gusty gloriously sunny weather, this unique take will find the courses in mutant form, and jewels from the scrap heap augmented into glittering obstacles for budding Londoners to overcome. So matter how good of a golfer you think you are — all those Saturday morning 18-hole rounds might just all come undone here. No bluffing will walk you through this one.

160113_junkyardgolfclub_022 Junkyard - bringing scrap and weirdness to your next round of golf


It gets even more bizarre with the option to choose from three, nine-hole courses of weirdness and twisted junk named Pedro (Polluted Paradise), Frank (Putt Up Or Shut Up) and Helga (In Da Club). Once you’re done with the mighty putters, no doubt you’ll be in dire need to find the tenth hole for a refreshing beer or banging cocktail. The Junkyard Golf Club’s bar will be serving up crafty concoctions such as Tee Diddy (Santa Teresa Rum, Curacao, Almond, Lime and Pineapple) and Who’s Your Caddy (Portobello Road Gin, Strawberry, Lemon, Cranberry).

Of course your appetite won’t be left unsatisfied either. Top class nosh will be on offer in the form of street food soon-to-be legends Bart’s Dog Kart and Big Grillie Style, serving lip-smacking hot dogs, nachos and more. Evidently (and quite pleasingly so) this isn’t your average golf club fare.

Tickets are already on sale  —and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Best get on your buggy, quick smart so you don’t miss out. Head to  Junkyardgolfclub.co.uk for more information and bookings.

Junkyard Golf Club will be open seven days at week beginning 12th May and ending in August, from 11:00am until 11:00pm. Weekday and Sunday tickets are priced at £8.50 per person whilst Friday and Saturdays will be £9.50.


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