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Late Night Liquor, Beats & Eats At Infamous Diner

Late Night Liquor, Beats & Eats At Infamous Diner Image courtesy of Manchester Evening News

Infamous Diner has launched a new menu with the same characteristic big plates and big flavour.

There are now 15 burgers to choose from, but it’s not just a burger joint. They serve homemade goods that are full-on: Chicken and Waffles (£10.95), Infamous secret recipe fried chicken, with homemade bacon stuffed waffles and white sausage gravy, the All American Breakfast (£13.95) a feast of all your breakfast favourites plus pancakes and waffles with Infamous syrup and Hash and Eggs (£9.95) pulled beef brisket with street cart onions and fried potatos…

Just make sure you’re hungry, and ready for the cult movie soundtrack they promise to bring every Friday.

Late Night Liquor, Beats and Eats at Infamous Diner, Basil Chambers. Click for info…


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