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Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday Brunch – alfresco style

Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday Brunch – alfresco style IMAGE: PR

Doctor shopping for Soma prescription Of all the events happening in London on Saturday 11th June to celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th birthday, we’ve kindly done the calculations for you and can advise of the following: the best revelry in town will be the all-British alfresco brunch held by party specialists Bourne & Hollingsworth. It’s a sure thing.

order Soma WITHOUT SCRIPT The stylish, outdoor brunch will have you nomming on all things quintessentially British —and with Executive chef Adam Gray behind the fine menu, we’ve no doubt that the bacon & eggs will take on a tastier tack than the usual.

Same goes for the decorative cocktails available —the Queen might want her Earl Grey, but we want the expert mixologists at B&H to do what they do best. Let us take to the open-air bar and order a Bloody Republicans! Comprised of Rathbone Gin, lemon juice, hot sauce and tomato juice, then served in a highball and garnished with a homemade sausage and celery stalk, you’ll be ripe and ready to wave that flag proudly in the face of those staunch anti-royalists.

Away from the concrete playground and noise-polluted city, Spa Fields Park in Clerkenwell will feel like you’ve ventured much further than you have. The green leafy surrounds will make for a relaxing atmosphere, with live music, engaging performances and traditional games enhancing the jovial vibe.

B&H are the doyens in this birthday bashin’ business — get your summer sandals out, floppy hats and take to the picturesque setting to celebrate Queen Lizzie’s special day.

Bourne & Hollingsworth, Spa Fields Park, Northampton Road, London EC1R

10am-8pm, with brunch sittings taking place from 12:30pm

Tickets available here (£35 for entry and brunch)


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