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The Music is Back! Battersea Arts Centre & GOAT present Borderless

The Music is Back! Battersea Arts Centre & GOAT present Borderless IMAGE: PR

Summer is all about enjoying the most of the long days, hanging out with friends, seeing some live music and getting out there to experience the best of what London has to offer. One particular happening that we’re particularly keen on is Borderless — sounds like riotous fun, doesn’t it? We don’t like fences, limits, and anything that’s overly precise. So Borderless is bound to be fun.

And that’s precisely what this is about. In August & September 2016, Battersea Arts Centre and former Roundhouse music programmers GOAT Music will collaborate to present Borderless, a series of music gigs celebrating the UK’s best home-grown talent, alongside unique artists from around the globe.

The name Borderless is aptly suited to the motto behind the Battersea Arts Centre organisation’s mission, which is to inspire people, take creative risks, and help shape the future. The public space has been purposefully designed so that people can come together to be imaginative, see a show, learn about the heritage and just relax.

Borderless will not only be an exciting way to get to know some of the fresh musical talents for summer, but it will also herald the return of live music to the Battersea Arts Centre. Taking place in the beautiful and intimate setting of the Council Chamber, gig-goers will have to ascend the grand marble stairs in order to reach their destination. Adorned with wood panelled walls and a vaulted plasterwork ceiling, the setting is very decadent indeed.

You’ll also be standing in a hall where Fleetwood Mac once performed (1968), as well as poet Ivor Cutler (1976) and Alan Ginsberg (1979), and more recently The xx (2012) and Mercury Prize nominated Kate Tempest (2014). Enough to get the goosebumps going and your hair standing on end.

Of course, no gig is complete without sufficient fuel to keep us singing and dancing all night. There’s the Scratch Bar on the ground floor and also a private bar upstairs linked directly to the Council Chamber —you won’t miss a beat.

Borderless will kick off on Tuesday 2nd August with Hackney Colliery Band, followed by Manchester rock band MONEY on Wednesday 3rd August. Other artists include Nubiyan Twist, HÆLOS, Electric Jalaba, Kiko Bun & many more TBA.

We suggest you check it out quick smart to get your tickets ASAP. It’s a great approach to get to know some fab new talent, but the setting makes it all the more extraordinary.

Battersea Arts Centre, Lavender Hill, London, SW11 5TN

Borderless will start on Tuesday 2nd August and run through to end of September. Check website for more details of acts


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