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Pharmacy 2 restaurant offering fast-acting relief

Pharmacy 2 restaurant offering fast-acting relief IMAGE: PR

No it’s not your local drug store — although, it will offer fast-acting relief against any serious hunger pangs you may have. Pharmacy 2 is Damien Hirst’s new restaurant that has opened in collaboration with Mark Hix at Newport Street Gallery in Vauxhall, London.

Pharmacy 2 will be a reflection of both Hirst’s and Hix’s shared passions — quality art and great food. Hirst — the English artist, entrepreneur and art collector — designed formaldehyde ‘Cock and Bull’ for Hix’s restaurant Tramshed, so creating the menu at Pharmacy 2 is an exciting venture.

The establishment will offer an excellent prescription for anyone a little tired by the same-same “fusion” menus everywhere — keep it simple, classy and delicious please. Serving the ultimate classic British and European food, the Pharmacy 2 will cater for visitors to the exhibitions throughout the day, and evening diners when the gallery is closed.

Highlights include: Cuttlefish croquettes with watercress mayonnaise, Roast barn reared Indian rock chicken with stuffing and chips (for 2-3 to share); Dublin Bay prawns with Arak, wild garlic and fennel pilaf; Shaved winter squash with treviso and Graceburn cheese; and Poached Yorkshire rhubarb with saffron ice cream.

treviso-salad9024_m Pharmacy 2 restaurant offering fast-acting relief


Keeping in line with your nutritionists recommendations, remedies for thirst include a carefully selected wine list (full of antioxidants), as well as a selection of cocktails such as Dorset Donkey (Black Cow vodka, cherry eau de vie, lime juice, cherries, sage leaves and ginger ale) and the famous Hix Fix which combines Morello cherry in Somerset apple eau de view topped with sparkling wine —replete with vitamins and essential minerals.

And with such a fine artist on our hands, and a curious restaurant name to match, one can only expect the interior to be a stylish showcase of pharmacy inspired paraphernalia. Images of tablets and brightly coloured pills will be featured throughout, including etched glass windows depicting DNA strands, marble inlayed flooring and a bar that incorporates a stainless steel and glass vitrine. It may be following a clinical theme inspired by the artist’s previous work, yet we’re assured there’ll be no white lab coats present and the vibe will be somewhat more relaxed and colourful than pharmacies of the other sort… either way, we’re excited for this highly anticipated collaboration. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

Pharmacy 2 opens on Tuesday 23rd February

Newport Street Gallery, Newport Street, London, SE11 6AJ


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