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Phoenix Fundsurfer kick off

Phoenix Fundsurfer kick off IMAGE: Phoenix

City centre café and creative hub Phoenix has been up to some pretty impressive things over the last few years, which isn’t bad considering it was set up with only £400 to its name.

Having provided a pop up space for countless independent retailers, local artists, musicians and food recycling ventures to name just a few of its initiatives, Phoenix has been an integral and inspiring part of the local community (it’s also been our best kept secret for delightfully offbeat handmade earrings and one-of-a-kind artwork).

To keep up the good work and embark on some exciting new projects – which include a vegan and vegetarian catering setup – Phoenix has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Fundsurfer, which will kick off this Friday with a day of music, art and food.

Proceedings will begin with a 3 course vegan breakfast complete with Bloody Marys, a lunchtime BBQ with live art and music, an afternoon film screening and an evening of more live music, food and an art auction.

Phoenix’s legendary brunches aren’t your average scrambled eggs on toast affairs (past menus have included cereal and milk panna cotta with cornflake crumb, freeze dried berries and lemon verbena) so make sure you book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Fri 1 April, 11am, Tickets £5-15
Phoenix, All Saints’ St, Bristol, BS1 2LZ


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