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Pop Up Arcade Party at Brighton’s Synergy Centre: #BDF16

Pop Up Arcade Party at Brighton’s Synergy Centre: #BDF16 Image: Brighton Digital Festival

This weekend at Brighton Digital Festival is all about the digital DIY, with Press Fire to Win’s Pop Up Arcade Party to be hosted at The Synergy Centre on Middle Street. The organisers will be kicking off their weekend’s events with a huge launch party; full of retro arcades, multiplayer games and a great line-up of DJs.

Game highlights include: JS Joust – a combative physical game for up to 7 players; Sundown – a challenge to murder your friends; and Wrestling with Emotions – playing the role of a lonely young wrestler looking for love. The music line-up also looks promising, with Binster/.mpegasus, Captain Bleepheart, Cicki Tingle and Cisco & Parris on the bill. There couldn’t be a more retro space for such a party in all of Brighton – think the hangout spot in Hackers – we are hoping to see some cyberpunk in the dress code too!

The Pop Up Arcade Party takes place at The Synergy Centre on Friday 16th September from 7pm – midnight. Tickets are £10 – for more information or to book, click here.



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