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secretsundaze opening party – on a Saturday?!

secretsundaze opening party – on a Saturday?! IMAGE: PR

secretsundaze opening party is a party like no other — we’ve been jumping up and down with excitement for so long now and cannot wait for this Saturday 30th April. That’s right folks, secretsundaze will open the season this Saturday, and not only have they got an impressive venue and killer line-up, but it also signals the beginning of summer. Awesome.

Wait, Saturday? Yes. The opening party in 2016 will take place for the first time in secretsundaze’s history on a Saturday — the reason being that it’s being held at the awe-inspiring venue that is St John at Hackney. This higher plain, spiritual dimension addition to the party will make it even more incredible. The shift from regular the Sunday gig is because no matter how big this event is, partying in the house of the lord on a Sunday would be kinda cheeky.

Promising to be one of the highlights of summer, Lil Louis (taking the headline), Steffi, Kornel Kovaks, Moxie, K15, Esa will rock the party all night set against the backdrop of the stunning St John of Hackney. The high vaulted ceilings and walls adorned with iconoclastic imagery will ensure the high-end production is one you’ll never forget.

Start prepping the Pimms and get your party hat out.

Tickets available from Resident Advisor

St John at Hackney, Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 0PD


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