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SkyLounge’s Nantucket Beach club rooftop

SkyLounge’s Nantucket Beach club rooftop

Following on from their ‘Vodka Valhalla’ shenanigans in the winter, Skylounge at Double Tree Hilton is turning their roof into a ‘Nantucket Beach Club’ bar over the summer. Taking muse from the Cape Cod island Nantucket, Massachusetts, the rooftop terrace will be decked out with swinging benches, lighthouses and even a bowling alley so you can knock some pins down whilst sipping on a liquor laced slushy.

And as much as we adore the cosy, dingy pubs of London, there’s nothing quite like retreating to a relaxing island retreat for a night out. Situated on the 12th floor, expect stunning panoramic views across the city, fresh air from two terraces and a VIP area for private hire. God only knows how we survived the winter.

No spot of sunshine is complete however without some refreshing cocktails on hand. To decidedly kick you into that island vibe, make sure you sip on something like the Surfside Punch (camomile-infused vodka laced with champagne) or a traditional Cape Codder Ale (vodka, cranberry juice and ginger ale) — both shamelessly delicious.

These classic island-style cocktails need only rub shoulders with island-style seafood. A fancy twist on traditional New England cuisine is being dished out with lobster mac and cheese, clam chowder and lobster rolls — and if the cocktails didn’t curb that sweet tooth of yours, go all out on the Boston Cream Pie. A dessert that should be illegal it’s that good.

So there’s really no excuse for us London city dwellers to be miss out on the summer island life this summer.

SkyLounge’s Nantucket Beach club rooftop opens on 1st May on Tuesdays – Saturdays for the summer, 7 Pepys St, London EC3N 4AF


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