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The ‘Raw Chef’ keeping things green at Tiny Leaf

The ‘Raw Chef’ keeping things green at Tiny Leaf IMAGE: PR

Well they knocked us for six back in January when they opened —and Tiny Leaf are set to continue making their big impact on the London dining scene. Tiny Leaf is the capital’s first zero waste, organic, vegetarian restaurant and will be hosting one of the UK’s leading raw chefs, Russell James for a series of plant-based, raw supper clubs. Joining Russell will be qualified pythotherapist, nutritionist and drinks expert, Michael Isted of ‘The Herball’, to provide a selection of bespoke concoctions crafted from nature’s finest organic plant based products.

The supper clubs will certainly stay true to their Tiny Leaf ethos, and to work alongside this Russell will bring in his highly-acclaimed raw food approach by taking it straight back to basics. It will be all leafy-green, that’s for sure —albeit, rest assured, the banquet will be replete with great flavours and raw food that is packed with all the good stuff.

We’re starting to get on this brunch-bandwagon here in London, and the brunch menu Tiny Leaf will be offering for this series is set to raise the bar higher than that stack of pancakes you ordered last Sunday. Dishes include Candied Apple & Raisin Scones with creamy avocado butter; Sprouted Buckwheat Granola with handmade coconut yoghurt & passionfruit compote; and Breakfast Tacos with guacamole, lime & garlic mushrooms, pico de gallo, scrambled coconut with aubergine bacon. Yes, we think the scrambled coconut will take this brunch to a whole other level.

raw_tree_nut_cheese<tiny-leaf The 'Raw Chef' keeping things green at Tiny Leaf


Moreover, who doesn’t love a four-course dinner? Stave your appetite for these evenings with dishes such as Brazil Nut Sea Veg Croquettes with Tartare Sauce and Smoked Cauliflower, Almond Cheese, Candied Apple & Raisin challenging your palate with conviction that it can be delicious and healthy at once. And pudding can be equally as nutritious, especially when Vanilla Cheesecake with Pineapple Mango Tart Mango Jam is on the menu.

The real focus with this special supper club series lies with Tiny Leaf’s continuous endeavours to inspire people to eat locally and seasonally. The dedicated team are enthusiastic and driven to really raise awareness of how we can reduce our carbon footprint and food waste in the UK — and, for want of a better pun, they’re keen to keep things green.

Kudos to that.

The supper club series will run from 11th-20th March. For details on brunch and dinner times, visit their website

Tiny Leaf, 209 Westbourne Park Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1EA


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