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REVIEW: Trade Union serves up a strike-worthy selection

REVIEW: Trade Union serves up a strike-worthy selection

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Soma without doctor rx Trade Union has found a suitable home near Tower Hill in Wapping, at the base of the surrounding commercial offices. It can expect a consistent footfall from workers looking for a trendy and convenient lunch meeting, and it’s undoubtedly an ideal venue for a post-work tipple. But does it do enough to attract patrons from further afield?

Soma fast delivery no doctors As the name suggests Trade Union is more than just a bar and restaurant. By virtue of its open-plan, high-ceilinged design it effortlessly seams together bar, restaurant, coffee house, pizza parlour, barbers and even a florist.

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/category/press/ buy online pharmacy soma The interior has an impressive hybrid feel: industrial stripped back walls coupled with luxurious quilted, burnt orange, leather booths. Each table has its own mini flower arrangement courtesy of the in-house florist, Maua London. After sundown I envision the unique lighting fixtures, elaborate furnishings and mirrors transforming it into a rather opulent and civilised setting for late-night cocktails.

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Soma No Prior Script Overnight A good Old-Fashioned is almost always an indicator of an establishment’s cocktailing finesse – and this one left little to bemoan. Poured with perfect measures, it was strong, not overly saccharine, with a hint of smoke. My only criticism was the lemon slice that stood in for the more common and altogether less poignant orange peel.

Buy Soma no prescription USA FedEx shipping barbers REVIEW: Trade Union serves up a strike-worthy selection

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Buying Soma overnight delivery From the ‘Premium’ list we ordered an Old Cuban. Delightful, summery and fresh, it truly ticked all the boxes, with expertly balanced lime and mint flavours and appropriately aged Bacardi Ocho. If I was forced to nitpick, the only possible improvement would have been champagne rather than prosecco for the bubbles. For £10 it was as close to perfect as possible – especially taking into account the fact we’d visited on a Tuesday lunchtime, when presumably the bar wasn’t staffed by its primary mixologists.

Looking over the starters you could be forgiven for thinking the selection boasts a lot of strong flavours and heavier offerings. When the dishes arrived, however, that thought dissipated. The £6 crab mac and cheese with crispy pancetta (see what I mean?!) certainly sounded sinful, but the bowl-scraping starter was not too salty and the quality of each ingredient shone. It was a generous portion and could easily suffice as a main for the less famished. This coupled perfectly with the salt and pepper squid, served with signature ‘Union chilli sauce’, along with more fresh chilli. Cooked to perfection, the delightfully crunchy, peppery batter clung to the tender squid in a way I can never achieve at home: hence why i go out to eat.

We were informed that the chefs had been cooking the starters for four weeks, whereas the mains were only recently introduced. Unfortunately this was evident on the plate. The chilli crab fettuccini seemed to lack both chilli and crab – perhaps it had all gone into our starters? The grilled seabass was perfectly cooked but it came with a sad, dry rocket salad and boiled, under-seasoned new potatoes rather than the wax potato crush I’d admired on the online menu. Both dishes were tasty, solid meals but disappointingly lacked the flair and ingenuity I’d expected after the starters and cocktails.

CrabPancettaMacCheese REVIEW: Trade Union serves up a strike-worthy selection

Due to its recent opening, the full range of puddings weren’t on offer which was a real shame because a limoncello panna cotta sounded exquisite. Instead we had a dark chocolate brownie and coffee provided by the in-house coffee shop, Vagabond, who whip up an excellently strong pick-me-up in a takeaway cup. An interesting quirk which was at odds with the otherwise luxuriant feel, but it does give one the opportunity to make a quick getaway back to the office. Nifty forward thinking on their part, but perhaps it should be an option rather than a given.

Overall the concept of a union of trades is unquestionably well executed and unforced. Whether you come to Trade Union for coffee, cocktails or a shave, each of the services on offer fulfil their role, with none of its various constituents set to outshine the next.

Overall, it’s all good – though the cocktails, starters, service and decor are great. The haphazard mains didn’t spoil the experience as I was willing to chalk their clumsiness up to the venue’s infancy. If I lived or worked in the area I would be a regular for a quick bite and a few cocktails after work, and once the chefs have settled and the limoncello panna cotta is back on the menu it’ll be more than worth the effort to jump on the tube for.

Also, there is a slide… an actual playground slide.

Trade Union will launch a series of bespoke, interactive workshops on 6th September 2016. Londoners will be able to experience Pizza Rolling and Gin Tasting with in-house experts, and Vagabond will be offering a series of Coffee Masterclasses.

3 Thomas More St, London E1W 1YW

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/category/press/ online pharmacies soma saturday delivery www.trade-union.co.uk




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