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All change at No10: Theresa May is our new Prime Minister

All change at No10: Theresa May is our new Prime Minister (IMAGE:WENN)

As David Cameron cannot wait to leave his trail of mess behind, Theresa May will be sworn in as the 76th Prime Minister tomorrow. Oh, and the second female PM since Thatcher. Sorry, we just wanted to highlight a competent person’s gender.

Speaking outside parliament yesterday, May pinky promised that she will build a “better Britain” and make Brexit a “success”. Good luck with that Theresa. She stated that she based on her leadership on the need for a “strong, proven leadership” and the ability to unite both party and country with a “positive vision” for our future.

May said:

A vision of a country that works not for the privileged few but that works for every one of us because we’re going to give people more control over their lives and that’s how, together, we will build a better Britain.

We are curious to see how the Home Secretary, notorious for shunning cozy love ins, and ‘getting shit done’, will be able to unite not only a broken, divided Britain, but a divisive Conservative party too.

Mrs May added that she was “honoured and humbled” to succeed David Cameron, after her only rival (if you can call Leadsom as such) quit after the motherhood controversy on Monday.

Cameron, after gambling the country’s future to fix a petty Tory in-fight, will be handing in his P45 to the Queen after PMQs tomorrow. The One Nation Conservative had been the PM since 2010, but jumped ship after the Brexit vote.

p.s. And what the hell was he singing???


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