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Brexit Britain loses a captain: David Cameron to step down as Prime Minister after EU Leave result

Brexit Britain loses a captain: David Cameron to step down as Prime Minister after EU Leave result Prime Minister David Cameron Resigns after the EU Referndum result (IMAGE: Alan West/WENN)

All those waking up now, we are out. ‘Leave’ took 51.9% of the votes. And yes, not even London, Scotland, and the South East could have saved ‘Remain’ who took 48.1%.  We would go into all the nitty gritty, county by county, but all we can say, is that we are a nation divided. Don’t get us started to how “Vote Leave” campaigner Nigel Farage must be feeling right now…

As a consequence, Bremainer and Prime Minster David Cameron has announced his resignation, and will leave by October.

Weirdly, Cameron used a lot of nautical rhetoric in his speech outside Number 10 this morning. Something about not being the captain who can steer this ship of Britain to its destination. (A polite way of saying “we’re up shit’s creek without a paddle, so bye.”) Cameron thinks that the new prime minister (Theresa May & Hillary Clinton or Boris Johnson & Donald Trump, anyone? Hopefully the former…), should decide to trigger the article 50 renegotiation process. Cameron after all his EU reforming, will not be the one to trigger further EU deals.

Here’s Cam’s speech in full (said almost close to tears):

There can be no doubt about the result. Across the world, people have been watching the choice that Britain has made. I want to reassure those markets that Britain’s economy is fundamentally strong. I would also reassure Brits in European countries and EU citizens living here that there will be no immediate changes in your circumstances. There will be no initial change in how we can travel, how our services and goods can move. we must now prepare for a negotiation with the EU. This will needed to involve the full participation of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments to ensure all parts of our United Kingdom are protected and advanced.

Above all this will require strong, determined and committed leadership. I am proud and very honoured to have been the prime minister of this country for six years.

I have always believed we need to confront big decisions not duck them. I fought this campaign in the only way I know how, to say directly and passionately what I think and feel, head, heart and soul. I held nothing back. I was absolutely clear about my belief that Britain is stronger, safer and better off inside the EU. I made clear the referendum was about this and this along not the future of any single politician, including myself. But the British people made a different decision to take a different path. As such I think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction. I will do everything I can as prime minister, to steady the ship in the weeks ahead, but I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to the next destination. This is not a decision I have taken lightly but I do think it is in the national interests to have a period of stability and then the new leadership required. In my view we should aim to have new prime minister by the start of the Conservative party conference in October, delivering stability will be in important and I will continue in post with my cabinet for the coming months. The cabinet will meet on Monday.

The negotiation with the European Union will need to take place under the next prime minister, and the new prime minister takes the decision about whether to trigger Article 50, the legal process of leaving the EU. I will attend the European Council next week to explain the decision the British people have taken and the decision I have taken.

I love this country and I feel honoured to have served it. And I will do everything I can in future to help this great country succeed.

No matter what your political leanings, this is actually quite emotional.

For those feeling a little shell-shocked, we hope this Mark Twain quote will provide some comfort:

If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.


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