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Generation Screwed: How messed up are the Millennials?

Generation Screwed: How messed up are the Millennials? Gen-Y protesters at the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts demonstration in London. (Credit: Euan Cherry/

order soma cash on delivery Most of us know a Michael. Michael is the classic millennial Social Justice Warrior. He pops up on your news feed three times a day. Ceaselessly, singlehandedly Michael is battling the latest and most popular social issues, aghast that the world hasn’t caught up with his faux-altruistic socio-political views. Though you agree with most of what Michael says, his patronising preaching to the converted from a pampered and privileged background is part of what makes his generation intensely dislikable. His generation is hugely privileged, preachy and entitled but also bears a very great deal of responsibility and pressure. What has this combination of characteristics and conditions done for ‘The Millennials’?

wenn23117250 Generation Screwed: How messed up are the Millennials?

doctor shopping for soma prescription The SJW strand of Millennials at National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts in London. (IMAGE: WENN)

The name The Millennials says: ‘it’s all been leading up to this you guys, what have you got for us?’ Not a great deal is the answer and it doesn’t help that the previous turn of the millennium was a non-event, literally nothing of note happened, according to our research, until 1040 when Macbeth murdered Duncan the King of Scotland. So that’s 2000 years of expectation on the poor fuckers because at the turn of the millennium before that we had Jesus kicking about – who is widely regarded, according to our research, as one of the best people ever.

So forget The Millennials. Let’s use Generation Y. There’s no pressure in ‘Generation Y’ it’s just an afterthought to the genuinely cool Generation X and, read aloud, makes even more sense for such a lost and confused demographic – Generation why does all our income go on rent? Generation why do we have unprecedented levels of student debt? Generation why do we work longer hours for less disposable income than the generation before us?

These questions echo through Clapham and Shoreditch every weekend, where ethically sourced vegan food sits for just enough time to be uploaded to Instagram before being guzzled by stylishly dressed urbanites. Though Generation Y has some right to feel hard done by, they are also incredibly lucky in so many other ways. They were the first to have the choice of a wonderful range of global foods and to have it delivered without even having to make a phone call. They were the first to grow up with the Internet, mobile phones and instant, social-media infused global communication. It can be easy to take all this for granted and focus on the difficulties when your Grandad isn’t there telling you all he had growing up was a hoop and a stick. It’s often forgotten that previous generations didn’t eat out as often, have as many foreign holidays, or buy as many clothes or electronics, if any and this is part of why they became homeowners earlier and had less personal debt.

wenn22004355 Generation Screwed: How messed up are the Millennials?

Where Millenial money goes: Alan and Gary Keery of Cereal Killer Cafe on Brick Lane (IMAGE: WENN)

However, previous generation didn’t save more and become homeowners earlier because of a stronger ethical code or a generation-wide monetary sensibility as some critics of Generation Y would have you believe. They just didn’t have the opportunities afforded to current young adults. There were no cheap Europeans flights or the range of affordable restaurants so there weren’t so many difficult day to day choices to make. Should I go to this or that festival or should I save for a deposit? Festivals, holidays, meals out, etc can be so cheap now that, unless you analyse your spending with an audits level of precision, spending here and there doesn’t seem like its greatly affecting long term finances. But it does, all these increases in quality of life that Generation Y have in comparison to their parents’ generation add up, they cost a lot. A phone contract, Spotify, Netflix and a gym membership are not necessities and yet they feel like they are.

Generation Y live in the most image conscious and high-pressure social (both digitally and IRL) environment society has created in the history of man, let’s not even think about the generation below who will more than likely have had their image on Facebook before they breathed their first outdoor breath. Today most young adults in London will live in an environment in which all but their very most intimate choices are broadcast across their whole social network (which may well include a lot of people they don’t know and whichever carefully selected companies Facebook sell ‘like’ information to.) leading to the creation of the irksome if not sickening phenomenon ‘Brand Me’.

This generation feels the need to convey a wonderful lifestyle through social media and that is extremely expensive. True, the Facebook status “That feeling when you’re finally a homeowner” will generate three times the likes of a selfie in SUSHISAMBA but three trips to an expensive restaurant (£600) is, according to our research, exactly 100 times cheaper than the deposit on a 2 bedroom London flat (£60000). So if you valued your happiness on the level of social recognition your actions receive you would be 100 times better off spending on consumables than on a home, which you could actually live in. We’re not seriously suggesting that anyone values their life solely by recognition on social media but the point is genuine; Generation Y feel the need to spend more on consumables that any generation before.

On top of the personal and social pressures of uber-visibly keeping up with their peers in every way, Generation Y also have the – not inconsequential – responsibility of saving the world from certain destruction from climate change or World War 3. True, Generation Y didn’t have a world war to fight like it’s grandparents and will (hopefully) never know those horrors but this isn’t easy either. With no common enemy to hate and an increasingly critical and evaluative mindset, young adults today trust their government less and are more politically inactive than any before it – the opposite of what is needed to galvanise the changes so desperately needed if Generation Z are to be afforded the same luxury Generation Y has been fortunate enough to enjoy.

A lot of debt, a lot of anxiety and a lot of responsibility are all but sure things for Generation Y who will feel pressure from all sides and likely work into their seventies. But this debt and anxiety is by and large a by-product of living the most luxurious lifestyle, with the highest levels of personal safety, freedom and equality since, well, forever.


Our response to ‘Revealed: the 30-year economic betrayal dragging down Generation Y’s income’ from The Guardian’s recent series on millennials. You know, those pesky young adults facing “the perfect storm of debt, housing and joblessness.”


One response to “Generation Screwed: How messed up are the Millennials?”

  1. Masta Killa says:

    I don't really know how to describe this one. So much springs to mind: important, lucid, candid, well thought out. I really enjoyed this article. I don't think it's just because my views aligned with the writer's, I feel if I didn't agree in the beginning that by the end of the piece I would have.

    At any rate its worth it just to read any writer that seems to have as much contempt for the word 'Millennials' as I do.

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