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So no wall then?: Trump shocks Mexico with pre-immigration speech visit

So no wall then?: Trump shocks Mexico with pre-immigration speech visit Republican presidential candidate Donald J.Trump addresses the audience during a campaign event at BB&T Center (IMAGE: JLN Photography/WENN)

Publicity stunt or controversial political move? Republican candidate Donald “build a wall” Trump will be visiting the Mexican president tomorrow ahead of his much anticipated speech on immigration. According to The Independent‘s Andrew Buncombe, there had been speculation from the US media that the businessman would take the attention-seeking trip to meet President Enrique Peña Nieto. Then, the Twitter confirmation happened. Trump’s definitely going.

Both Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton were invited by the Mexican president to visit Mexico last Friday, according to a statement from his office published in the Washington Post on Tuesday. Although no meetings had been confirmed, it said both campaigns received the invitations “on good terms.” No hard feelings for Trump and his precious wall then?

His trip, south of the border,  will see Trump face the most challenging decision of his campaign – his stance on immigration. His promise to build a wall along the Mexican-US border, forcing the Mexicans to cough up the cash for it, and deport the estimated 11m undocumented migrants from Central America, saw him win the Republican contest. Will tomorrow’s visit will help Trump win over the Latino vote, and then the presidency? We’ll wait and see…


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