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The stay-at-home generation: NUS report claims crippling 9k fees keep graduates living at home

The stay-at-home generation: NUS report claims crippling 9k fees keep graduates living at home (IMAGE:Wiki)

The revealing report from the NUS (National Union of Students) exposes that almost half of the first set of uni leavers who paid £9,000-a-year fees have moved back in with their parents. Almost certainly the poorer half, or the half that fail to launch. This is in complete contrast to what the Lib-Con coalition government claimed that higher education would supposed “set you up for life”. Set you up for living in the attic of your parents’ suburban terraced.

This comes one day before the sixth formers learn their A-level fate to secure a place at their dream university. Well half of graduates that would surveyed said their degree isn’t even worth the £9k per year. Shutting down this pipe dream of intellectual Bacchanalia, and merely suggesting that it might be worth investing that money in starting a business, like an app or something, and furthering unintellectual, divisive society that the government secretly hopes for. 

The NUS  report also highlighted that female graduates were not even securing high earning grad jobs, showing that even education cannot help gender inequality. Better get back into the kitchen then ladies, as there still aren’t any careers for you and we’re back in 1918.

Sorana Vieru, NUS Vice-President, said: “This research shows many graduates are without work, badly paid or in precarious and casualised employment, especially women.

“The majority are in debt, not just with student loan repayments, but they also owe money to banks, credit card companies and loan sharks.

The graduates face a double jeopardy – they enter the world of work having paid far more for their education, with the debts hanging over them. Yet they receive far less benefit from this education in the labour market compared to previous generations, while living costs keep rising and the welfare safety net is shrinking.



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