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Tagged in D.C.: Trump Hotel gets #BlackLivesMatter graffiti

Tagged in D.C.: Trump Hotel gets #BlackLivesMatter graffiti Tagged: Trump International Hotel with #BlackLivesMatter graffitti (IMAGE:@AngryBlkManDC)

Mr Anonymous (tagger yet unknown) graffitied the walls of the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. on Saturday afternoon. In broad daylight. Nothing says “we don’t care about Donald Trump” than graffiti and nonchalant passersby.  A video, posted on Twitter by @AngryBlkManDC, shows the unidentified man spray painting the words, “No Justice, No Peace” and “Black Lives Matter” onto the side of the hotel before casually walking down the steps, pass onlookers, and onto 12th Street Northwest.


Could the “artist” be @AngryBlkManDC? My Angry Man,”a laid back cat allergic to folks who lack good ole common sense”, posted the handiwork on his Twitter page. But he has been quiet ever since. 

The luxury hotel, with “historic marble floors and wooden walls with drapery” has since be covered with plywood. The vandalism/artwork/protest is in reaction against Trump’s seemingly racist remarks throughout his presidential campaign. From birtherism to a controversial call for “law and order” and nationwide stop & frisk policies in response healing America’s racial divide.


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