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Eugenia Cooney: A Youtuber’s public struggle with anorexia

Eugenia Cooney: A Youtuber’s public struggle with anorexia Eugenia Cooney (IMAGE: YouTube)

Eugenia Cooney is a 22­ year ­old American Youtuber who has rapidly accumulated a following of 800,000 subscribers since starting her ​Youtube channel ​3 years ago. ​She rose to fame for her ‘Emo’ look and lifestyle videos but has consistently been under scrutiny due to her weight. Eugenia is visibly anorexic and while this has caused concern among her fans from the start, it has become more prevalent. Since she moved out of her mother’s home last year, Cooney now lives alone. Her weight loss has drastically increased, causing alarm among her fans. ‘I honestly think is what happened is that her mom motivated her to eat, but ever since she moved out a year ago…’ commented by Youtube user Kazuki.

The comments on her most recent Youtube videos have largely been expressing concern over here anorexia as opposed to the video content itself. These sentiments were echoed by another popular Youtuber who goes by the name of Onision (2 million subscribers) who uploaded a video on September the 10th​, referencing her deteriorating condition and encouraging the public to take action by using the hashtag #HelpEugeniaCooney; ‘It absolutely needs to be addressed by literally every Youtuber and person who crosses paths with Eugenia Cooney’.



In his video he displays a photo of one of her supporters holding a sign that reads, ‘if you can do it, I can too’ and notes that Eugenia has a large influence over her fans that may be suffering from similar disorders and thereby sending the wrong message; ‘I guarantee you, there are people who suffer from eating disorders who are watching Eugenia Cooney, thinking that they don’t need to change their lives because Eugenia Cooney is sickly thin and yet acts like everything is okay’. The demographics of her audience largely consist of teenage girls, and therefore may pose a serious problem. Youths have a greater ​tendency to seek role models, and the immediacy and regularity of Youtube provides great platform for similar content creators.

The question now is where the obsession with unrealistic body expectations comes from. Mainstream media has been known to indulge in ​body shaming of celebrities and public figures but on the same token has also frequently ​condemned models that seem ‘too thin’​ .There are numerous other platforms that encourage these harmful ideas and self­perceptions from which Eugenia may or may not have taken motivation from as well as countless other young men and women.

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Eugenia’s career is strongly affiliated with her online presence and the internet itself and it may be noted that her condition and the denial she engages in may be traced to controversial sites and blogs that encourage anorexia such as ‘​Pro­ana’ and the use of thinspiration;​ photos depicting their unhealthy but idealized body shape. These hold information on how to develop repulsion to food, how the visibility of bones and ribcages are a form of beauty as well as tips and tricks to fool family members that you’re in fact eating when you’re not.

Whether the internet or her following holds responsibility in intervening with her current lifestyle is debatable, Onision remains clear on the issue ‘If someone is killing themselves, it is your duty to help them’. He has however been criticized by a small portion of his supporters for pushing unwanted help that she is not seeking to which he argued that there is now a sense of urgency due to the lack of parental guidance in her immediate surroundings. Eugenia did react briefly to Onision’s video when doing a livestream on YOUNOW a week following the upload. While she expressed gratitude for the sentiments she followed this by reassuring her fans that there was nothing wrong ‘I’m totally okay though guys, you guys don’t need to worry’. Her supporters are continuing to attempt to engage her in conversation on all her social media but she has yet to directly reference her disorder publicly in full while Onision continues to highlight the influence a successful Youtuber holds over their audience by the decisions they make or don’t make ‘If your bad example kills even one person who watches you because they think that what you’re doing is okay, they try to mimic you, I don’t see how you could ever recover from that’.



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