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Kali Uchis is the Los Angeles, Columbian-born, Virginia-bred singer, songwriter and producer making soulful waves and style statements. Brigitte Bardot’s big blonde hair, Elizabeth Taylor’s eyebrows, heavy eyeliner, pink lips, and retro prints – Uchis looks just likes she sounds. Think love of the sixties with the free spirit persona of a seventies bohemian with more than a dash of nineties gangsta hip hop (and a strong Lolita undertone). She’s the woman we all hope to become on the dance floor; dubbed the ‘West Coast Amy Winehouse’ her fans include the likes of Snoop Dogg and Tyler, the Creator (both of whom she collaborated with); she directs all her videos; and, to put it simply, she’s about to blow up on the charts.


1214145Ddo2UeoU ANATOMY OF A WARDROBE: Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis keeps her larger than life aesthetic on track by following a few simple steps

Every woman needs some ghetto gold bling

Rain or shine, costume sunglasses are the perfect accessory to finish off an outfit

Colour co-ordination is vital – but so is colour clashing. Basically, no blending into the background

Chunky heels and platforms will give you the confidence (and that extra inch). And of course, a pair of Sophia Webster shoes (Kali is the campaign girl for the quirky London shoe designer)

Mix and match your decades freely – in true Ms Uchis style, you can wear your 60’s Pucci print bikini with 70’s cat eye sunglasses and a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s

 Channel your inner Kali with these items:

645810_in_xl-300x127 ANATOMY OF A WARDROBE: Kali Uchis

Maria Black Aurore Gold Plated Ring, £100 from Net-A-Porter – Kali Uchis is never one to shy away from some gold bling, and this piece by Maria Black screams Miss Uchis. And if you ever find yourself in the wrong kind of neighbourhood (default setting of most of her videos) you can use it as a knuckleduster. Pretty AND practical.

234337012?$prod_main$ ANATOMY OF A WARDROBE: Kali Uchis

Dior Rouge Lipstick (Hollywood 688), £23.85 from John Lewis – Perfecting the pout a la Kylie Jenner is the ultimate accessory to truly channel Kali and who better than Dior than to provide a beautiful bit of colour to your make-up game? This shade is perfect – unlike red lipstick with its one dimensional connotations, pink is both innocent and provocative, just like our star-in-the-making.

5758328681000_001_b-300x144 ANATOMY OF A WARDROBE: Kali Uchis

Chunky Cat Eye Sunglasses, £18 from Urban Outfitters – Kali Uchis lives in a parallel decade – at least in terms of her style. She’s rarely seen without some shades to protect her eyes from the bright LA sunlight, and these feline friendly cat eyes are Kali Uchis done to a tee!

Kali Uchis’ new single Ridin’ Round from her debut album ‘Por Vida’ is available from Spotify & Apple Music.



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