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Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle

Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle

Yesterday saw two massive award ceremonies happening almost simultaneously on two sides of the pond: the BAFTAs and the Grammys. One celebrated the all-out glamour and one was an excuse to sport some wacky outfits, but either way, that means plenty of red carpet action for us to look at. Well, unless you’ve given up after spotting Crazy Pensioner Madonna streaking in front of baffled reporters in a barely-there bullfighter outfit (something we wish we could unsee). So who fared better, the film or music industry? Here’s our pick of the best and the worst outfits:

wenn22160781 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
She scored in more than one way last night: Julianne Moore’s turn in Still Alice as an academic battling early-onset Alzheimer’s won her a BAFTA in the Best Actress category, and her red velvet (don’t work up your appetite, we’re talking fabric not confectionery here) Tom Ford gown deserves an award of its own. Oh, and she also manage to bag Tom Ford himself as a date for the after party. Not bad for one evening, huh?
wenn22159816 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
Rosamund Pike had us terrified as the perfect wife/psychopath in Gone Girl, but last night the only similarity with her role was the perfection she applied to the choice of outfit, a simple-but-great black Roland Mouret number.
wenn22160095 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
A shock of straight hair and an equally razor-sharp cut dress (provided by Lanvin): Amy Adams scrubs up well on the red carpet.
wenn22159631 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
Who said you can’t match the carpet? Just like Julianne Moore, Dianna Agron chose a dress almost exactly the shade of the carpet she was walking on, but still managed to look absolutely terrific.
wenn22158644 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
Guys don’t have it easy when it comes to award dressing – there’s not that many options. Should I wear a Savile Row black suit or a Savile Row black suit? Those who try to be creative and break the mould usually live to regret it (suit and white trainers? No!). In this case, the old saying “it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it” becomes more valid than ever. Cudos to Tom Hiddleston for showing that a right cut mixed with some swagger makes a modern gent.
wenn22160042 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
Never ones to be accused of looking boring, Nick Cave and his wife, ex-model Susie Bick, added a bit of fun into the proceedings looking like cast members of some long forgotten cult horror movie. And yes, we mean it as a compliment.
wenn22159274 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
Yellow is one of the trickiest colours out there to pull off in style, but that didn’t deter Léa Seydoux – and she was right, looking absolutely gorgeous in a silk-georgette Prada gown. Something to do with that famous French claim to being arbiters of style, we guess, which we can back on this account. Monica Bellucci looked equally sexy in a simply covered up black dress.
wenn22159174 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
Kristin Scott Thomas was never one to walk on a well beaten path, so instead of calling a favour from one of the more obvious designers, she decided to go vintage. The structured black dress is 1948 (so older than Kristin herself) Balenciaga, and it came from one of London’s best kept fashion secrets, William Vintage. Truly, they don’t make them like this anymore.
wenn22159263 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
Oh Reese… You might be Wild, but we’re not wild about your dress. Reese Witherspoon chose a boring purple body con  frock that looked simply cheap, and didn’t work well with her hair and skin tone. Back to the drawing board, there’s still some time before the Oscars.
wenn22159162 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
Fabulous dress like that (Gimbattista Valli, namely) calls for a more adventurous styling than this. But then again, Keira Knightley was never famous for being edgy (fashion-wise or other). Nevertheless, we hope being married to a rock singer will help her to shed her good girl persona a bit. Just give her time.
wenn22162877 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
Ri-Ri’s latest cut might have had us reaching for the snooze button, but there’s still at least one field where she always delivers: her latest video’s only saving grace is her retro double denim look (she sort of rehashed it for last night’s performance) and we were in for an even bigger delight off the stage. Did we say big? We meant it: Rihanna’s red carpet look was a massive pink tulle number from Giambattista Valli. Move over, Disney Princesses of all sorts. The message is clear: go big or go home.
Rita-Ora_Prada_57th-Annual-GRAMMY-Awards_Los-Angeles_8.2.2015 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle

We’re in two minds about Rita Ora’s appearance last night: we’re loving the Prada dress (what’s not to love about something covered in silver sequins AND Swarovski crystals?), but her hair and make-up was a bit too Rihanna in her Umbrella period for our liking. Oops, that WAS probably on her moodboard when she was getting ready. Let’s call it a tribute of sorts.

wenn22162709 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle


Madge’s outfit struck a bum note with us – also literally, when she decided to flash her slightly sagging cheeks to the camera crews. Oh dear. We hate to break it to you, Madonna, we get the whole ‘I don’t give a f*** about my age” schtick, but it’s getting old, and the joke’s really on you. Even if your comedy bullfighter outfit comes from Givenchy.

wenn22161592 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle


Lady Gaga looked suspiciously demure in a silver, shimmery frock – but then again, she was attending as “Jazz Gaga”, not her usual “Mother Monster” persona. Also, she probably didn’t want to give dear old Tony Bennett a heart attack with one of her more outré outfits. Bless her. If only she was always that kind when it came to the rest of the world…

wenn22162909 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle


Hold on, we thought she was singing about 1989, so why did Taylor Swift look like she dug her outfit out of a 2007 time capsule? That’s when matching turquoise earrings with a similar shade dress and finishing off with purple platforms was all the rage. But then again, haters gonna hate hate hate.

wenn22164510 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle


She wasn’t the only one dialling back the mid-2000’s: India Arie paid another badly thought-out tribute to the heyday of boho and colour blocking: a boring white dress paired with oh-so-not-on-trend ethnic-inspired jewellery. But then again, we can forgive her for feeling nostalgic about the time when she was last on the charts.
wenn221637651 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
Grammys are traditionally a fertile ground for sartorial statements, but as seen above, this year we were lacking a truly edgy moment – that is until Sia and her little dancer sidekick, Maddie Ziegler stepped in front of the paparazzi dressed as a pair of doppelgängers in matching black-and-white outfits and blonde wigs (Sia, continuing with the tradition, completely obscured by hers).
wenn22162832 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
We can only applaud Miley Cyrus‘ attempt at looking more elegant than usual (and what goes with it, much more covered up), but we can’t say her dress was a total success – rather than showcasing her – enviable – body, it looks like it wasn’t properly fitted, and the placement of the cut outs seems completely random. It’s clear she’s new to the whole concept of wearing something longer than her panty line.
wenn22162563 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
Great hair and make up, but the dress left us wanting for more. Katy Perry’s sheer, tasseled frock from might not be bad per se, but it does look like she was trying to replicate her pal Ri-Ri’s sheer look from last year – in a safe way. Boring.
wenn22162826 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
She’s done it before, and she’s done it much better. Beyoncé’s dramatic (that must’ve been the intention) gown was a bit too loosely fitted and instead of showing off her famous booty, made her look a bit, how to say it, flabby.
wenn22160671 Grammys vs BAFTAs: the red carpet battle
And yet another student of mid-2000’s style. Boring bodycon dress in a hideous primary colour (Armani Privé, if you must know)? Check. Iggy Azalea had her off day, sartorially speaking, but she did charm us with her little Star Wars tribute in the form of her hair braided in a tight crown on top of her head. If only that tribute extended to the rest of the outfit.
Verdict? Grammys are supposed to be fun when it comes to fashion, but too often the word horror was on our mouths instead, and the rest of the offering was surprisingly dull. And while BAFTAs can be quite conservative, they were also exceptionally glamourous and stylish this year – and in our books, style trumps gimmicks any given day, Madonna’s bum notwithstanding.


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