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Selfridges goes guy-crazy with its new menswear offer

Selfridges goes guy-crazy with its new menswear offer

It’s a well known truth that while women can shop till they drop, guys are a much harder, more reluctant customer – not happy with spending their precious time in countless changing rooms they want to be in and out of the store. At the same time, they’re becoming a very profitable part of the market to the fashion brands – gone are the days when the majority of men couldn’t care less about what they wore. Today’s average city-dwelling gent wants to look good and effortlessly stylish, and the brands are keen to exploit that fact.

2 Selfridges goes guy-crazy with its new menswear offer

And nobody seems to have gone more guy-crazy than our own Selfridges – the department store is expanding its menswear designer section, and along with it will come some other exciting projects. The newly opened space on the first floor, dubbed Designer West, spans 3,110 sq ft and houses ‘The New Avant-Garde’ – ie a mixture of old favourites (Ann Demeuleemester, Yohji) and new cult brands (Sibling, Casely-Hayford). But that’s not all – as a part of the multi-million pound ‘Menswear Masterplan’, the store will also launch UK’s first ever men-only personal shopping space.

Mens-personal-shopping-3 Selfridges goes guy-crazy with its new menswear offer

Way to spoil the chaps even more, huh? The space, designed by the architect Alex Cochrane, will be comprised of a reception, 3 personal suites and a salon area. The lazy (and deep-pocketed) menfolk will be able to chillax here looking at some Damien Hirst while the dedicated personal shopper goes to fetch assorted goods, fashion and non-fashion alike.

Seems being a man is back in fashion.


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