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WEDNESDAY WISH LIST: Altuzarra polka dot dress

WEDNESDAY WISH LIST: Altuzarra polka dot dress

It’s so hot all we’re missing is rolling tumbleweed. Ok, we might be in the UK and not in a Western movie, but the difference is hard to tell at the moment. So if you’re flushed and tired of the boring summer combo of shorts and crop top, but can’t think of anythong else to work in this weather, take a leaf out of the style book of those brave pioneers’ wives. Cue this Altuzarra dress which will instantly make you look straight out of the Little House on The Prairie. And if you ask us what it has to do with keeping your body temperature down, listen to this: it’s made out of lightweight fabric and it has some slits down the side for better air ventilation. And if that fails, well, sweaty tanned forehead and crazy hair are just a part of the prairie look anyway. You think we’re kidding, but we’re dead serious – if we have to face the fact looking immaculate in this weather is nigh on impossible, let’s pretend it was always the look we were going for in the first place. Genius, aren’t we.

Altuzarra polka dot fil coupé dress, £1,295, available from


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