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WEDNESDAY WISH LIST: Linda Farrow men’s gold plated aviators

WEDNESDAY WISH LIST: Linda Farrow men’s gold plated aviators

When it comes to making a fashion statement with little effort, nothing beats designer sunglasses. You can wear the simplest of outfits, pop on a pair of edgy shades et voila, the transformation from basic to effortlessly ahead of the curve has been accomplished. Of course, girl have it easier than guys – whilst they can sport wraparound futuristic perspex or plastic daisy flowers trimmed ones, we have to make do with the super predictable aviators.

Or not so predictable – well, at least if they’re by Linda Farrow. And they’re gold plated. And look like something a 70’s Italian mafioso would sport. Yep, they’re definitely not for the faint of heart, but one thing is sure – you’ll be definitely making a statement wearing them. We love them, and frankly, who needs Prada daisy embellished sunnies? Girls, that’s who.

Linda Farrow mens gold-plated aviators, £720, available from

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