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Style Crush: Margot Robbie

Style Crush: Margot Robbie

We’ve got a new style crush – Margot Robbie. The outfit she donned recently for her role as Harley Quinn was clearly the highlight of Suicide Squad – sure, it was basically a more colourful version of a typical slutty superheroine costume designed for the male gaze, but she made it her own, and gave it personality (just like she did with the role itself). And it seems like her off screen fashion choices are as vibrant (if not as bonkers) – she’s the rare actress eschewing column gown boredom on the red carpet.

So, whether it’s a pair of barely-there denim hotpants paired with fishnets or a designer frock, the Aussie phenomenon is a new sartorial force to be reckoned with. Here’s some of her best sartorial moments:

wenn28725966 Style Crush: Margot RobbieMeet Harley Quinn… sorry, Margot Robbie and her unicorn [IMAGE: WENN]

Instead of shedding her on-screen persona once the filming wrapped, and exhaustingly explaining to all who want to listen (read: journalists) that she’s not her characters, Robbie proudly channelled Joker’s schizophrenic, psychopath girlfriend on the red carpet. Ok, she might not have run around with a baseball bat beating everyone to a pulp (and thank heavens for that), but she took the visual world of Batman comics as a style reference – and what a glorious reference that is. Cue this Art Deco-Victoriana mash up from Alexander McQueen. Very comic book villain indeed – after all, who else would sport a massive, golden sequinned unicorn on their outfit?


wenn28740373 Style Crush: Margot RobbieComic book chic [IMAGE: WENN]

For the London premier of the villains-as-super-heroes flick, she once again looked positively cartoon-like in the Gucci heavily embellished/illustrated explosion of a dress. Kerrang, or whatever it is they put in comic book  speech bubbles.


wenn24808093 Style Crush: Margot RobbieExotic and sexy [IMAGE: WENN]

Not unlike Suicide Squad, her earlier summer blockbuster also provided our Australian actress with plenty of inspiration. After playing Jane in the Legend of Tarzan, she took the Orient meets West angle by donning this floral, fur trimmed Gucci kimono dress. Ok, that’s a vague reference, but a creative one – and the other options being white shirt and khaki trousers combos or woven grass skirts, we know what we prefer.


wenn28742406 Style Crush: Margot RobbieFeeling the blues (and the greys) [IMAGE: WENN]

Nowadays, anyone can put on a t-shirt/jeans combo and get hailed by the fashion press as a master of easy chic the very next day, but Robbie really gets it – by not forgetting to add that often forgotten ‘chic’ element into it.


caramargot Style Crush: Margot RobbieDouble trouble [IMAGE: Instagram/Margot Robbie]

From cast mates to bezzy mates: Margot landed that Holy Grail of social achievements ie the position of Cara D’s female BFF. Of course, there’s been so many of them (from Rita Ora to Rihanna, Georgia May Jagger to Kendall Jenner) it’s hard to believe half of them are even genuine, but in this case, cast your cynicism aside. The two clearly have a lot of fun together. From their joint interview for the new issue of Love (they’re both cover stars, a nod of fashion approval in itself where it concerns our Aussie star), to hanging out in matching tracksuits designed by Chaos Fashion, the two are a very well dressed double act.



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