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App of the Week Double Bill: Ippy and Ololololo

App of the Week Double Bill: Ippy and Ololololo

This week we are treating everyone to a double bill choice of apps, because we love you all with a burning passion that borders on creepiness. Lets get downloading!


Untitled App of the Week Double Bill: Ippy and Ololololo

The Emoji. Annoying trend or cutesy text enhancer? The general consensus seems to be that everyone loves to include expressive little images to enhance the emotional impact of a message, even if it might be a grotesque recreation of an aggressive trouser snake.

With most users firing off more of the damn things than shells in the Somme, the process is due for some kind of innovation. And sometimes, an innovation can be an extremely simple thing indeed.

Introducing Ippy, a free iPhone app that gives you a mighty search engine of emojis, which can be used with a drop down format menu. No longer will you have to communicate with petty words, creepy adorable blob monsters made from passive symbols will be your verbal currency now!


fg App of the Week Double Bill: Ippy and Ololololo

YouTube is a way of life at this point, with nearly every person on the planet pretending to work while watching the latest mind numbing cat compilation online. But browsing through the huge expanse of content that is uploaded every day can be tiresome, and sticking to your subscribed content creators can mean you miss out on the best stuff.

Ololololo is as useful as it is a bugger to say in normal conversation. Providing a sophisticated feed actively tracking the most popular and well received videos on YouTube each and everyday, you can quickly find the best content out there in just a few seconds.

Think of it as the ultimate YouTube top ten, that never stops growing. Never stops growing, never stops, never stops, never stops.

If you can ignore the fact that you have added a productivity annihilator onto your phone willingly, you’ll quickly fall in love with this clever little app that keeps you watching to your heart’s content.


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