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App of the Week: noScroll

App of the Week: noScroll

The modern world has a awkward relationship with privacy. We demand it, but leave ourselves very open to losing it, thanks to our love of digital media. You can hide a photograph or a diary, but post anything on a social media platform and you might quickly find yourself regretting that choice.

But it turns out smartphones may be the worst offenders, which as everyday tools run a fine line between public and private content. This is especially true of the photographs we keep locked away, and as many know, seeing a family member scroll through the hundreds of snaps only to come face to face with a comprising picture can be an utter nightmare to explain.

This is why we love having noScroll installed, a no swipe photo app that lets you keep private photographs well and truly private.

The concept is simple, select a number of approved images in your library that can be easily show to friends and family, while placing the worst of the worst under lock and key. Images you might not want coming out during a social gathering can be blocked with TouchID or passcodes so that no one will be able to stumble upon ‘that’ image.

With the added protection, it should save you from having to explain to an elderly relative what you were doing with that scantily clad Spiderman and the retired cast of Deep Space 9.

It also has another use beyond preventing the ruination of your public image. With the selection tool you can quickly and easily group together photos you actually want to share, rather than going through the tiresome process of setting up individual libraries on your phone for specific events.

noScroll adds just enough  security and ease to make it highly worth your while, and at a low cost of £1.49, you don’t exactly have much to lose checking it out.

Now to get those horrifying Christmas party photos tucked away, for the good of mankind.


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