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App of the Week: Unplanned

App of the Week: Unplanned

Organisation is not a skill many of us have, as sleeping and videos of cats falling downs stairs are way more enjoyable than getting your life sorted out. But every now and then we need to buckle down and get things done. This is especially true of social events, which are usually pre-determined to go utterly unaccomplished. That’s why we love apps like Unplanned.

Unplanned is a free social planning app, reducing the stressful duty of trying to organize a huge group of friends/co-workers/family into attending any event. By reducing the activity into a series of simplified categories, and not limiting the service to only those subscribed to the app, it makes the job a whole lot easier.

The process is a breeze, just select a category to define what you want to do, set a date and location, send out invites from your contacts (which will send an SMS for those without the app) and keep an eye on responses. You can even keep your contacts divided by sub-groups, so you don’t end up inviting the wrong people to the wrong kind of event.

The only complaint we have is that the simplicity sometimes works against it, and any event that requires more complex information for potential attendees won’t enjoy much in the way of detail from this app. But considering the purpose of Unplanned is to organised social gatherings like pub nights, clubbing or movie days, it makes sense that intensive planning tools are left to more “in-depth” apps.

In practice Unplanned provides an easy to use and rewarding experience that takes a significant amount of hassle out of planning a get-together. It only takes one tap for your guests to confirm if they are coming or not, so responses are quick.

It helps that the design of the app has a colorful and cutesy look, with lots of charming characters to accompany your plans. Overall, it is an excellent tool to help you make hanging out a rewarding experience, and at no cost for iOS devices, you won’t feel to guilty for picking it up.


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