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App of the Week: Voisi

App of the Week: Voisi Images: Voisi

Being responsible sucks, mostly because the human brain is so determined to make you forget all but the most useless details. Many companies have tried to counter this by introducing a host of voice-to-text apps, but most of the time they tended to have a pretty hard time with their only job.

You can often find basic questions like “book tickets for the gig” mysteriously transform into “bog tickling for cigs”, which is hardly ideal. So discovering a good transcription app can be like find the holy grail, except moderately priced and not likely to turn corrupt historians into dust zombies. But after years of bloodshed and horror, we finally return from crusading for an answer in far off lands with the one true choice; Voisi.

Voisi is designed to save you time and get your life in order, but chooses to focus its strengths on one area. This would be voice recording and their transcription. The app can automatically and accurately create written documentation of your recording without requiring further input, and surprisingly it doesn’t suffer from the previously mentioned issues. It performs its task admirably and with minimal mistakes, so suffering through the longs hours it can take jotting down notes from a janky audio recording doesn’t need to be bane of your existence any longer. Voisi is perfect for busy smartphone users who are often involved in interviews, meetings and other tasks where forming a watertight play-by-play of events is a priority.

But that isn’t all, Voisi has a few tricks up its sleeve to get your attention. With the app, you can also record calls, add notes on saved files and even set bookmarks at specific points during an audio playback. Furthermore, there are a number of processing enhancements for high-quality recordings – echo and noise suppression, silence detection and a number of extras for you to play with.

One of its best features is how it can integrate with your calendar, linking with events so you always have all the tools nearby. Interestingly, it’ll even remember where exactly you recorded a file, highlighting locations on Google maps, which is surprisingly useful for tracking all the right information.

Voisi is available now for Android Phones for free, but the transcription service does require paying for a premium subscription. rust us, it’s worth it.



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