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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: EDF 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: EDF 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair


Are you ready to save the Earth?! Are you ready to kill some bugs?! Are you ready for motivational singing?! If so, EDF might be for you.

EDF is a long running series of third person shooters where you fight hordes of giant insects and alien forces in order to save the one, the only and the best Earth around. EDF 4.1 is the latest in the series to be ported over to PC, bringing all the mind numbing, glorious insanity over for a whole new group to enjoy. And we can’t stop playing it.

At the very core of the series is a bold simplicity; kill things until they die, save the EARF! and enjoy some of the worst/best voice acting in the business. The story doesn’t offer too much in the way of complexity (other than the mystery around why everyone is completely and utterly shocked the aliens came back, which is kind of a routine at this point) but it does set the stage for a level of insanity only the Japanese could come up with.

You’ll fight hundreds of giant ants, spiders, robots and even a few of Godzilla’s estranged family members while cities crumble and block busting explosions level the stage. You are one man/flying anime lazer lady in a war of huge numbers and at times will feel dwarfed by the massive scale the game offers up. Whole streets will be filled with teeming masses of insects, giant ships will fire apocalyptic blasts of deadly energy which evaporates skyscrapers and giant robots slowly march across the skyline. How could you ever beat these odds!?!?

Because you are the god dammed EDF! You’re the back bone of the fighting forces and you won’t rest until every spider is squished, every ant is given a good kicking and the EARTH IS SAVED! In order to beat back the never ending hordes, you get the choice of four classes, which range from a basic but mobile grunt to a slow moving battle-suit equipped with devastating yet clumsy weaponry. The balance between units really comes into play when fighting alongside partners during the co-op mode, and turns an already chaotic fight into utter anarchy.

EDF is a deeper game than it looks at first glance, with a powerful sense of character progression as new weapons and armour upgrades are gifted graciously from the many smoking husks of destroyed foes. With almost 100 missions to play around with, EDF rewards you for your time. Missions increase in scale rapidly, ending in some truly awe-inspiring battles at the end of the campaign, introducing Pacific Rim style bouts. Its one hell of a ride.

EDF is goofy nonsense with a passionate love for bad dialogue, insane combat and is just overwhelming fun. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even get ripped in half by a giant fire ant, but man will it be a joy all the way to the end.

Buy it. Or the bugs win.


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